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January 11, 2011


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*Illness* is a fangame by Atami (熱海), the creator of M∞N, Lost † Game, Musou Yuugi (夢想遊戯) and Made In Nightmare. Very much like the original Yume Nikki, its gameplay is centered on the exploration of a hikikomori's dreams. With seventeen effects and no endings, the game appears to be in its final version; and while there are a number of obvious bugs, it shows large graphical and structural improvement over the author's previous game from at least one year prior.

In core essence, it is not entirely an eccentric fangame. It's unique characteristics are the existence of several effects on the same maps and its hallmark zoomorphic panoramas.

Readme TranslationEdit

Title: * illness *

This work is based on and has been based around the ideas of the original "Dream Diary" [Yume Nikki].

Nice to meet you. For those of you who took time to play my previous work, M∞N, it has been a while. While I did indeed do that short work, this time I did a serious game. Please enjoy * illness *.

Game description:Edit

How to Operate:Edit

Menu, cancel: X, BackSpace Interact: Enter, Space

The purpose of the game is to roam the dream world. You can obtain the effects in your dream, which can change your appearance. There are also a few that have certain behaviors when you press the Shift key.

There are a few known bugs in the game.

There is no ending.

This work has already been completed. There is no plan to update.

◆ Wolf RPG editor software production

◆ atami makers


Name Image Description
Peregrine Falcon (はやぶさ) IllEff13 Gives Origamitsuki a brown robe and yellow shoes. When SHIFT is pressed, she flaps her arms. This effect increases the protagonist's speed.
Drill Hair (ドリルヘアー) IllEff01 Makes Origamitsuki's hair lighter and gives her two blue-ribboned ponytails.
Tonakai (となかい) IllEff08 Turns Origamitsuki into a red-nosed reindeer.
Smock and Hat (スモック) IllEff06 Makes Origamitsuki wear a blue child's smock and yellow hat and satchel.
Stun Gun (スタンガン) IllEff05 Turns Origamitsuki into a black taser.
Black Bag (ポリぶくろ) IllEff10 Halves Origamitsuki's speed and turns her body into a black bag.
Umineko (うみねこ) IllEff15 Is a reference to Rena from the anime "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni".
Pickaxe (つるはし) IllEff14 Gives Origamitsuki a pickaxe. When the action button is pressed, you can attack NPCs.
Turtleneck (タートルネック) IllEff16 Origamitsuki wears a turtleneck costume.
Cat Hood (キャットフード) IllEff02 Origamitsuki wears a cat ear hood.
White Snake (しろへび) IllEff09 Origamitsuki becomes a white snake that summons rain.
Brain (のう) IllEff11 Oragamitsuki's head becomes a brain.

(This item is unused in game.)

Noh Mask (のうめん) IllEff12 Covers Origamitsuki's face in a white, Japanese Noh mask.
Pianica (ピアニカ) IllEff03 Origamitsuki carries a pianica that makes some music with the SHIFT key.
Knuckle - duster (メリケンサック) IllEff04 Origamitsuki's head turns into a knuckle. When SHIFT is pressed, it teleports you to the "Nexus".
Stained Glass Wings (ステンドグラス) IllEff07 Give Origamitsuki luminescent wings with the ability to glow, toggled by the SHIFT key.
Pieces (バラバラ) IllEff17 Origamitsuki's arms and legs are amputated.

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N/A (Completed) January 11, 2011 Pixiv Japanese


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N/A (Completed) Page Chinese Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar), approved by Atami.