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:Poena: ver.0.00's title screen
Latest Version

0.015 (2017/07/04)


Hokotate Makoto (鉾立真虚人)




RPG Maker XP

Release Date

January 3, 2016


KasetsukiSprite Kasetsuki (かせつき)

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:Poena: is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by Hokotate Makoto (鉾立真虚人) (Twitter) in RPG Maker XP.


:Poena: plays like a traditional Yume Nikki fangame. You play as a boy named Kasetsuki (かせつき) that refuses to leave his room for unknown reasons. You save by sitting at the desk and enter the dream world by sleeping in the bed.

The controls are also pretty standard for a Yume Nikki fangame. You move using the arrow keys, open the menu using X and use effects by pressing Shift. You can interact with the environment with space and equip effects from the menu.

The main objective of the game is to explore the dream world and collect all the effects.


There are ten effects to obtain as of version 0.015.

Name Image Description
White Fox (:びゃっこ:)
Poena effect01
Pressing Shift makes it snow and turns Kasetsuki semi-transparent.
Serpent (:へび:)
Poena Kasetsuki-Hebi
Kasetsuki loses his arms and his legs are replaced with a snake's tail. Pressing SHIFT makes it rain.
Dragon (:りゅう:)
Poena effect02
Gives Kasetsuki horns, a tail, and dragon wings. Increases his speed.
Scorpion (:さそり:)
Poena effect03
Poena effect03-2
Kasetsuki is dressed in a gray suit and his hair is tied back. Pressing SHIFT turns him into a scorpion, able to attack NPCs.
Bear Cub (:こぐま:)
Poena effect04
Kasetsuki is dressed in a bear suit and becomes smaller. Pressing SHIFT makes him jump on the spot, attracting NPCs.
Corpse (:むくろ:)
Poena effect05
Kasetsuki is missing his head and his body is mutilated. Pressing SHIFT returns him to the Nexus.
Monitor (:モニター:)
Poena Kasetsuki-Monitor
Kasetsuki holds up a heart-rate monitor that shows his pulse as he walks. Pressing SHIFT makes it flat-line, stopping NPC movement.
Orb (:オーブ:)
Poena effect06
Kasetsuki's head is replaced by a crystal ball. Pressing SHIFT lights up dark areas.
Shackles (:あしかせ:) Poena Kasetsuki-Shackles Kasetsuki becomes shackled, slowing his speed. Pressing SHIFT makes him to shed a tear.
Angel (:てんし:) Poena Kasetsuki-Angel Kasetsuki becomes an angel. Pressing SHIFT allows him to fly, increasing his speed.

Effect MixesEdit

Name Image Description
Angel (:てんし:) + Dragon (:りゅう:) Poena Kasetsuki-AngelDragonMix Kasetsuki transforms into a mix of an angel and a dragon, greatly increasing his speed. Pressing SHIFT removes the effect.

Download / External LinkEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.015 July 4, 2017 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.01+ January 21, 2017 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.01 January 20, 2017 ~ Japanese
Ver.0.00+ January 4, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.00 January 3, 2016 ~ Japanese