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Kasetsuki's EffectsEdit

White Fox Edit

Enter the cyan door. Go south-east and interact with the fox-child NPC.

Orb Edit

Enter the blue door. Go south-west and enter the building with no windows. Interact with the orb.

Dragon Edit

Enter the yellow door. Go down until you're beside a floating structure then go right until you reach two vertical rows of cacti. Go down between them then turn back when a bunch of small cacti appear behind you. Navigate your way through the mini-maze to the red object.

Interacting with the red object will send you to The Dungeon. Interact with the bottom-left stairs. Interact with the stairs below you. You'll now be outside, go straight up and go down another set of stairs. Head down the stairs, go up and interact with the throne.

Scorpion Edit

Enter the yellow door. Go down until you're beside a floating structure. Wait until the scorpion bumps into you and interact with it.

Corpse Edit

Orb effect is needed to get this effect

Enter the red door. Go north-west and enter the door with meat hanging on both sides. Go right to the end of the hallway and interact with the severed head.

Bear Cub Edit

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