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13 Page (13ペエジ)
13 Page ver.0.03-0.04's title screen
Latest Version

0.04d (05/12/2015)


Zusho Riley (図書ライリ)





Release Date

August 13, 2013


13PageHeroines Akatsuki, Hanatsuki

Nexus Doors

Akatsuki - 4
Hanatsuki - 4


Akatsuki - 13
Hanatsuki - 11


Akatsuki - 2
Hanatsuki - 2


13 Page (13ペエジ, Page 13) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Zusho Riley (図書ライリ) starring Akatsuki (あかつき) and Hanatsuki (花付き). According to the creator, the game is complete and any updates past ver.0.04 will only be to fix bugs.


The player starts as Akatsuki, a girl who can't go out of her room. The goal of her campaign is to explore her dream and collect all 13 effects. There is a note book on the desk in Akatsuki's dream room the player can interact with. It will show sketches of all the effects the player collects, and you can drop the effects by interacting with the sketches.

There is also an unlockable character named Hanatsuki. She can be unlocked after completing some tasks in Akatsuki's dreams. Hanatsuki's room has 2 doors. She can enter the Nexus directly from the door on the right. The sketches that let you drop your effects will appear on her balcony's floor. You can't equip effects in Hanatsuki's room.



Name Image Description
Scales (てんびん) 13AkaEff01 Akatsuki's arms turn into weighing scales. Pressing Shift moves the scales move up and down.
Bird (とり) 13AkaEff02 Akatsuki turns into an anthropomorphic blue bird, gaining wings, bird legs, and a beak. This effect increases her speed. Pressing Shift makes a bird sound.
Seedling / Potted Tree (なえぎ) 13AkaEff03 Akatsuki turns into a walking potted tree, allowing her to sneak past chasers. Pressing Shift makes a bit of blood come out from the tree.
Knife (はもの) 13AkaEff04 Akatsuki wields a knife, a possible reference to Madotsuki's knife effect. Pressing Shift to makes her swing the knife.
Different Color (いろちがい) 13AkaEff05 Akatsuki turns into different colors. Pressing Shift makes her shake her head.
Hair Ornament (かみかざり) 13AkaEff06 Akatsuki wears her hair in a side ponytail decorated with a pink flower pin. Pressing Shift makes her move her hair off her shoulder.
Bubbles (あわ) 13AkaEff07 Akatsuki appears to be made of bubbles. Pressing Shift causes her to melt and reappear in the Nexus.
Swim Ring (うきわ) 13AkaEff08 Akatsuki wears a swim ring. Press Shift to make her float on the air.
Torch (たいまつ) 13AkaEff09 Akatsuki carries a lit torch, lighting dark places. Pressing Shift makes her raise the torch higher.
Ghost (おばけ) 13AkaEff11 Akatsuki becomes a ghost. Pressing Shift makes some will-o'-the-wisps appear around her.
Beheaded (うちくび) 13AkaEff10 Akatsuki loses her body, leaving her as a floating head. Pressing Shift makes her roll her head.
Braid (みつあみ) 13AkaEff12 Akatsuki wears her hair in a side braid. There is a random chance that Akatsuki has pigtails when this effect is equipped.
Patchwork (つぎはぎ) 13AkaEff13 Akatsuki wears a patchwork outfit.


Name Image Description
Adult / Older (のびる) 13HanaEff01 Hanatsuki appears to be taller and older with longer hair. Pressing Shift makes her sit down.
Mask (めん) 13HanaEff02 Hanatsuki wears a paper mask, allowing here to see some NPCs' true appearances. Pressing Shift makes her lift her mask.
Snow Bunny (ゆきうさぎ) 13HanaEff03 Hanatsuki turns into a bunny made of snow, causing the area to start snowing.
Brick (れんが) 13HanaEff04 Hanatsuki carries a brick in her hand. It can be used to break various objects in the game. Pressing Shift makes her shake her head.
Hourglass (すなどけい) 13HanaEff05 Hanatsuki turns into a walking hourglass with sand colored like her outfit. Pressing Shift spins the hourglass and stops all NPC movement.
Dandelion Fluff (わたげ) 13HanaEff06 Hanatsuki carries a big Dandelion fluff that increases her speed. Pressing Shift makes her float in the air.
Simple (シンプル) 13HanaEff07 Hanatsuki's sprite is drawn in a simplistic style. Pressing Shift turns her color scheme monochrome for a few seconds.
Illumination (イルミネーション) 13HanaEff08 Hanatsuki becomes illuminated. Pressing Shift causes the screen to flash.
Monster (ようかい) 13HanaEff09 Hanatsuki wears a white dress and becomes faceless, creating rain upon equipping. Pressing Shift gives her a bloody smile.
Bullseye (まと) 13HanaEff10 Hanatsuki turns into a bullseye. Pressing Shift turns the center of the bullseye red.
Fish (さかな) 13HanaEff11 Hanatsuki turns into a fish. Pressing Shift makes her jump.



Version Date Announcement Download

May 15, 2015

? Mediafire

May 12, 2014

Pixiv (private/deleted) Deleted

March 10, 2014

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October 29, 2013

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August 31, 2013

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August 13, 2013

Pixiv Deleted


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Ver.0.04d Chinese 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar)
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