This is a page dedicated to Yume Nikki-related works/games that never got published, but did undergo some kind of development stages. A good analogue of this on the Eastern internet is OriYume (オリ夢), a Pixiv tag of characters that were planned to star in their own game, but their projects were abandoned/discontinued.


List of Unreleased WorksEdit

Title Author Protagonist Links
Naive ValoniaQuantum Gala N/A
MuBoRu -musicboxroom- FamicomDrawfag Villain Uboachan Thread (archive), Fanart on Pixiv
Okumu Denwa (悪夢電話) (Has been succeeded by The Other Line) PsiWolf674 Ookamitsuki Official Website (closed/deleted/broken link), Uboachan Thread (archive)
Yume Ryoko-Sha (Dream Traveller) Kanashimi
CHAIN Lube Yuuzai
Somnolence (working title) Ottur
Monogatari CandiiNeko
Hostage Diary 《人質日記》 Oni
Life is a Highway Sanctucrow
Somnia Yowesephth Zi Creator's DeviantArt
Pollution Forty Finlay Official Deveploment Page

External LinksEdit

Fanart dedicated to abandoned/unreleased/cancelled Yume Nikki GamesEdit


See AlsoEdit

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