Hello and welcome to the Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki!

Newly made fangames are constantly being created, so if you see any outdated information for any article, don't be afraid to correct it!

If you have any information on fangames we don't have a page for, feel free to create it on your own!

How to Contribute to this WikiEdit

  • Read this About Page for our policy/faq/tutorial 
  • Make a page for any missing pages and add basic info at least (Something is better than nothing, but don't make a page and only write one sentence.)
  • Update any pages with missing/outdated information
  • Create a gameplay video of a game
  • Write a /walkthrough page for a game


General RulesEdit

  • Any game listed here is a Yume Nikki fangame, original works such as Ao Oni, Ib, The Witch's House, Mad Father, and any other RPG Maker games unrelated to Yume Nikki fangames do not belong on this wiki.
  • Please do not add any pages that do not yet have a category, or add them to the game's /walkthrough page.
  • Try to source any artwork you find on the picture's file page.
  • If an artist/producer requests their work to be taken down, please respect their wishes.
  • If you are unsure of anything, or adding a new section/page/file, please let one of our Admins know.
  • Any vandalism will result in the affected page being locked and a warning message from an admin.

Policy on In-Development GamesEdit

Any game that is simply ideas, concept art/development screencaps without at the very least a DEMO or 0.00 release will not be documented on the wiki. If a page is made for a game without a release, it will be deleted with the page information backed up. You may request the page back after the game has made a public release.

Policy on Canceled GamesEdit

Canceled games will still be documented on the wiki, however we will not put up downloads to these games. Please do not request downloads for these games on the wiki, if you must have the game, you may privately message someone for it off-site.

How to write a Game PageEdit

To keep the wiki organized and have a basic structure for pages, we have a basic guide that goes as follows:

(Things that are bolded are a Heading 2 size on the game page)

Template:Gamepage or Gamepage v2Edit

[From the templates select Gamepage or Gamepae v2. This is the grey box that directs you to the main game page, the guide, and the gallery. v2 has the Theories tab. If the game contains a lot of dialog and there is little room for interpretation, Gamepage will be fine. If you believe there will be or know of theories for the game, use Gamepage v2.]


[From the templates select Gamebox and fill out the information in the boxes. Put 2 brackets around the protagonist's name. [ [ example, no spaces ] ] The name will become a link and will direct users there when their page is created.]


[A small summary of the game, who it was made by, who the protagonist(s) is/are, what the game is known for, themes etc.]


[General gameplay, how the character enters to dream world, any unusual controls/gameplay elements, etc.]


[A description of events, themes, and the ending (spoilered!) if the game has one]

Effects (Optional)Edit

[A short list of effects, any appearance changes and added effects (Location of effects goes on the games /walkthrough page.)]

Download/External LinksEdit

[A link with the latest download of the game, and an English translation if there is one, plus any additional links related to the game such as its first public release post, a development blog, etc.]

-Optional Sections-

Gameplay VideoEdit

[Insert a gameplay video (Preferably a video of the latest version) set to center and 420px.]

How to write a Character PageEdit

Character BoxEdit

From the templates select Characterbox and fill out the information in the boxes.

Character ArtEdit

When finding a character image remember to find a clear preferably color image that includes the character's outfit. Also, source the images to the artist. Always check the developer's sites first. Official art is always preferred, even if the developer isn't the most talented of artists. Try to get a variety of different character art styles as well.


[The character's name and its meaning, the game they are from]


[A description of the character's physical appearance]


[A description of the character's personality]


[Any information on the character's past/history.]

-Optional Section-

External LinksEdit

[Any external links related to the character such as the characters page on a different wiki, an ask blog, rp blog, ect.] 

Missing Character PagesEdit

NOTE: The main focus for the characters category is for playable characters only. Any NPCS or effect givers will be put to the side for now. A separate category for noteworthy NPCS may be created in the future.

Very Unfinished PagesEdit

Please add any information you know about these pages.

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