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Acatalepsy (アカタリプシー)
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RPG Maker 2000

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April 2, 2012


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Acatalepsy (アカタリプシー, Akataripushi) is an early 2012 fangame by Arakawa, depicting the dark subconscious of Naoto, a hikikomori with only his moody dreams and a Famicom-like system to accompany him.

The game's read-me file warns squeamish viewers of "shocking" and "grotesque" content and color schemes. Much of the music used is disorienting and eerie, and chiptunes are used often.


When you sleep in the bed, you will enter Naoto's "dream room." Little has changed other than the world outside, and you can not interact with the bed or laptop. If you interact with the game system, the top will open to reveal a missing game cartridge. Naoto will now be able to exit the room.

There are five portals in the nexus, six if you count Naoto's door. One portal, a blue door, leads to an empty room that will initiate the ending later on, after all effects are collected and placed in this room. (Effects become TVs and can be picked up again if you are not ready to view the ending.


There are very few events, so it is not exactly clear what caused Naoto to go into a hikikimori state, but after collecting all effects and placing them in the blue room (which become TVs), and with the fact that...

(Highlight to view at your own risk)

...waking up after dropping all effects and interacting with Naoto's TV shows the view of Naoto's room from a TV screen, and all of his furniture being deleted at once, then his door and carpet,his room, and finally Naoto is gone, and his game system being the only thing remaining during the ending credits. ...Possibly means that Naoto is just a character in a video game, and realizes this, or is trapped in the TV.


Name Image Description
Digital Clock (デジタル時計) AkataEff7 Naoto's head becomes a digital clock. Pressing SHIFT makes the clock stop, freezing NPCs/chasers.
Folding Bicycle / Foldable Bike (折りたたみ自転車) AkataEff1 Naoto rides a bike that increases his speed.
Check / Plaid (チェック)  AkataEff8 Naoto becomes covered in a plaid-like pattern. Pressing SHIFT cycles through green, red and blue colors.
Door (扉) AkataEff6 Naoto becomes a walking brown door. Pressing SHIFT opens the door, showing a single eye and warping him back to the nexus.
Plastic Umbrella (ビニール傘) AkataEff3 Naoto holds a clear/transparent umbrella that makes it rain.
Scalpel (メス) AkataEff5 Naoto wields a scalpel that can kill NPCs and activate chasers.
Lantern (ランタン) AkataEff4 Naoto's head becomes a light. Pressing SHIFT turns the light on or off, lighting up dark places.
Gloves and Earmuffs (耳あてと手袋) AkataEff2 Naoto wears dark mittens and earmuffs that make it snow.

Gameplay Video (0.00 (old))Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- アカタリプシー ( "Acatalipsy" )

Yume Nikki fangames- アカタリプシー ( "Acatalipsy" )


Version Date Announcement Download

April 2, 2012

Pixiv Axfc
(Password: naoto)

Known Bugs/GlitchesEdit

  • When getting the foldable Bike, it is possible to get more than one of this effect.
  • In the FC world there is a slight graphical glitch when using the digital clock effect.