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Agony's title screen
Latest Version

0.01C3 (2017/02/09)






RPG Maker VX Ace

Release Date

February 8, 2017


AgonyProtagSprites Tsukiya, Miyo Yanohi

Nexus Doors

Tsukiya - 5 (+ 1 unlockable)
Miyo - 6 (3 accessible, +1 unlockable)


Tsukiya - (Traumas, Fragments) 7 traumas, 9 fragments.
Miyo - (Effects, Memories) 4 effects, 3(?) memories




Agony is an English fangame created by Moeka178 in RPG Maker VX Ace, starring Tsukiya and Miyo Yanohi.


Agony plays like a traditional fangame, where the objective is to collect effects in the dream world.

Tsukiya has two types of effects: Traumas and Fragments, which are found in the "traumas" menu. She can access the dream world by leaving her room. The book on her desk is used to save.

For Miyo, her Effects are located in the "acts" menu. Miyo can also collect unusable Memories. Miyo enters the dream world by sleeping at her desk. The desk on the left is used to save.


Not much is known about the game's plot. Tsukiya is (possibly) comatose and her dreams hint at a dark past. Miyo's dreams, on the other hand, are more light-hearted. One area in Tsukiya's dreams implies that Tsukiya and Miyo know each other.




Name Image Description
Error AgonyErrorEff Tsukiya turns into bright, glitchy colors. Pressing Q teleports her back to the Nexus.
Toy AgonyToyEff Tsukiya has multiple wounds, including gouged eyes and a missing arm.
Glitch AgonyGlitchEff Tsukiya glitches out as she walks. Pressing Q activates an event that closes the game.
Child AgonyChildEff Tsukiya becomes a child, causing rain to fall. Pressing Q makes it stop raining.
Needle AgonyNeedleEff Tsukiya has a needle stuck in her neck. Pressing Q makes her look down at herself.
Hole AgonyHoleEff Tsukiya has a hole in her face.
Agony AgonyAgonyEff Tsukiya becomes a tall red shadow with a cut on her stomach.


Name Image Description
Floating AgonyFloatingEff Tsukiya floats off the ground, increasing her speed.
White Bouquet AgonyWhiteBouquetEff Tsukiya carries a bouquet of white flowers.
Hologram AgonyHologramEff Tsukiya becomes a hologram.
Neon AgonyNeonEff Tsukiya becomes neon-colored. Pressing Q makes the screen color tint. This effect allows her to reach certain areas.
Flower Crown AgonyFlowerCrownEff Tsukiya wears a flower crown and snow falls. Pressing Q makes the snow stop.
Pixel AgonyPixelEff Tsukiya becomes small and pixel-like, revealing hidden objects.
Azul AgonyAzulEff Tsukiya turns blue.
Psyche AgonyPsycheEff Tsukiya becomes a spirit.
Watercolor AgonyWatercolorEff Tsukiya's sprite becomes soft watercolors.



Name Image Description
Flower Hair Pin AgonyFlowerHairPinEff Miyo wears a flower hairpin.
Snow Girl AgonySnowGirlEff Miyo becomes a snow girl, causing snow to fall. Pressing Q toggles the amount of snowfall.
Halo AgonyHaloEff Miyo wears a different outfit and a halo appears above her head.
Fairy AgonyFairyEff Miyo becomes a fairy, increasing her speed.


  • Flower
  • Clover
  • Star


Version Date Announcement Download

February 9, 2017

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