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Go through the 1st nexus door on left. Walk left and slight down. Interacting with the tree that gives off blue mist gives you the Wisp effect. This will make you walk faster. Keep walking around until you find a puddle. It will bring you into a hall of fish. At the end interact with the ghost to go to ocean world. Find the notebook, interacting with it will bring you to a room with a bunny. Interacting with it will bring up dialog and once you talk with it enough times, you recieve the Pixel effect.

Go through the 2nd left nexus door. Wander around until you find a sand castle. Interact with it to get the Long Hair effect.

Through the 2nd right nexus door. There will be a castle which you can't go in yet because it's too dark. Find the double yellow explanation point. It will give you the Lantern effect, you can now go in the big castle. Inside, go diagonally down to the right and you can find the Dog effect.

1st nexus right door will bring you to cake world. Find a pink apron for the Apron effect Find the vine arch doorway and go through it to get to the horse race track. Find the silver horse for the Princess effect.