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Amihailu in Dreamland may be a difficult and confusing game for many players to get through, and the original guide wasn't very helpful and did not cover optional items and secrets which will be required for the full ending. With the help of this guide, the player will have a chance to get a detailed solution to their problems, with optional events and pitfalls included.

Opening Edit

The story begins as the main character, Amihailu Dugashoba, arrives home and quickly figures out that nobody else is home yet. Tired, she decides to lay down and go to sleep, and thus the adventure begins, awakening in a strange room that although Amihailu recognizes the style of the room, it does not belong to her, the only thing of note in this beginning room is the computer where you can save your progress when interacted with.

The Dream Mansion Edit

AiD Save Computer

The starting room for Amihailu in Dreamland, containing the computer based save point in the top right.

The First Puzzle Edit

Heading south leads to a bathroom with nothing interact-able, so instead head west out the left door, you can interact with the TV and the small letter and Amihailu will comment on them but there's nothing of interest in this room either so head out the door to the south.

Leaving the room leads to the stairway of the Dream Mansion, to the left is a door with a powered lock, at the moment there is no power to unlock the door but that will change later, trying to go down the stairway to the south west will prompt Amihailu to comment that she cannot progress that way. On the opposite end of the stairway, the doorway to the northwest leads to a room with a radio that requires a frequency but since we do not know that frequency yet, we'll leave this room alone and instead head down the stairs below the radio room.

AiD Pistol and Radio Frequency Code room

The room containing the code for the radio and the pistol.

Following the pathway will lead to another set of doors, head to the doorway on the right first, inside the room there are two things we need, the first is in the closet in the top right of the room, a pistol, don't get too attached to it as we will be losing it soon enough, the other is on the small table with the tea-set on it. Interacting with it will give us a message containing the code we need for the radio room, 973, so head back to the radio room and input the code 0973, this will unlock an area for later, so head back by interacting with cylinder.Leave the radio room and head through the door to east, continuing the path, you'll enter a room with an orange haired boy standing idly, this character is Mikhail or Misha as Amihailu calls him, a good friend of hers and the person she was looking for in the intro, talking to him gives us a few options but the one we need is offer protection in which we'll hand over the gun to Misha. Amihailu will refuse to go into the room to the east while it's dark so head south, this will lead to a room filled with computers, in the bottom left is our clue to this puzzle and to the bottom right is Yekaterina's Diary, this is an optional item but since it's right here, let's take it with us, next to where we picked up the diary is where we start for this puzzle, configure the slot bandwidth and set it to a 128-bit slot. The computer you need to interact with is on the second table on the left, interacting with the computer on the left side of the table will complete this puzzle and unlock the store room for us.

AiD Computer puzzle solution

AiD - The computer room as well as the computer needed to complete the puzzle.

After completing the puzzle and a gunshot rings out, it's time to head back to Misha, head north to find Misha has moved places, he'll return the gun to us and now that the power is back on, we can head into the doorway to the right of Misha. Amihailu can interact with everything in this room, take note of the time on the clock to the left and retrieve the Phone Boy Key from the bag to the right. Leaving the room and talking to Misha reveals that this key could be the item he's looking for and he'll ask to tag along, saying yes will net us a companion who will comment on various things during the course of our adventure.

Optional Events:

  • If the phone box key is used at the box past the radio room (using 0973) and mini-nexus, Misha can be left in the projector room for a special event. Chun can be met early and will give the player Lemon Candy that can be forced on Mikhail. Additionally, the player can collect the Skeleton Key early here.
  • If the A key is used after completing the computer puzzle with Mikhail in the party at the storefront, Graham Crackers can be collected. These are required to get another ingredient later which is needed before a certain item can be collected.
  • The A key can be used to trigger dialogue in many rooms of the first part of the game. One event will reference Misha and the gang's basic training (which Amihailu was not present for, as she is an officer and not an enlisted member.)

The Labyrinth Edit

After Misha has joined our party, its time to head back towards the room we found the pistol in, but just before that room, enter the doorway on the left instead, following the pathway, there is a picture on the wall that Amihailu can interact with but we need a tool to get the item from it, so leave it alone for now, there is also an NPC that while we can talk to, it's difficult to understand them at this current time. Continuing along the path leads us to a locked closet that we cannot open yet, so head through the door to the left, as you can see, the environment has changed a little, the first door to our immediate left leads to a room with another NPC in it but talking to her causes her to disappear quickly, everything else in the room is empty so leave the room and continue left, the doorway to the left of the staircase has nothing of interest and is full of more empty containers so go up the stairs. The doorway on the left contains a locked cabinet that we cannot use yet (unless the skeleton key was acquired before the following puzzle) but the doorway on the right contains an item we need, the Tension Wrench is the first tool we need to collect to progress but right now on its own, we cannot use it to unlock anything, continuing north after leaving the room leads to another way that Amihailu cannot progress, so instead check out the door to the left, inside this room we can find the second tool that we need, the Hook Pick, with the two of these items, we can now open locked closets, head back the way we came in through the right door on the bottom floor. Opening the closet just to the right will give us a Cedar Block.

AiD Painting world

If you remember the painting we passed by earlier, we can use the tension wrench to attempt to retrieve the item, doing so will lead to another new environment, the world inside the painting is somewhat of a maze but for now, go down from the painting and follow the pathway to the right, you should come across the blue demon girl again, follow both the pathway and her and you should come across a doorway, entering it and stepping on the blue plate leads to another change in scenery. Just ahead of us is a box that we cannot and the red square to the left of the staircase tells us to get the lantern and that's exactly what we'll do, trying to head south with only teleport us back to this room so head north, although it seems fruitless as first, continue until a scene plays out. After the scene has finished, our new big sister has broken the box and we can collect the Lantern, going south will no longer loop so continue down the stairs and follow the path to the north past the next room, interacting with the device will give us the Skeleton Key (if you don't yet have it), so make sure you collect this before leaving through the portal. Heading back through the maze to the painting, an item has now appeared in front of the painting, collecting the triangle hairpin will prompt a message that Amihailu's head feels clearer somehow, meaning that we can now progress further into the Dream Mansion into areas that were previously locked off to us.

After leaving the painting world, the only thing we can now talk to the NPC to the right that was previously making no sense, so head over and talk to him to reveal his name as Evkani Fayeh and after he is gone, we are now able to leave the Dream Mansion, but if you left Misha in the projector room, then you will need to fetch him first.

AiD Dream Mansion Item List

All of the items required to leave the Dream Mansion in AiD, Yekaterina's Diary is optional.

Once you have made sure to collect all these items and Misha is back in your party, it's time to leave the Dream Mansion so leave through the doorway just left of the painting world entrance and now the two doors to the south are open, it doesn't matter which way you go, both will lead to the subway. The door on the left is locked and requires a Tubular Key to enter so head right for now, you'll end up coming across another friend of Amihailu's and a cutscene will begin to play, the choice you pick will affect the scene and the ending you receive but regardless, you'll end up on the train tracks as well, follow after Veronika and you'll end up in the next part of the game, the Dream Hotel.


  • If the hook pick is retrieved along with the tension wrench, there is an option to use the pick to take the shard out instead. The painting will seal and prevent the player from collecting the lantern, which will affect the player later in the game and prevent forward progress. This is a game-breaking bug and will be fixed in a future release.
  • If you'd like to collect the lemon candy and use it for an extra event, use the phone box key and meet Chun in the projector hall first. If this is not done before Chun is met in the puzzle room, you will be unable to do this later.

Dream Hotel Edit

Arrival Edit

There are four ways to go right from the start, the doorway on the left leads to a room containing another Wood Block to collect, the door on the right only contains an NPC for us to talk to, the stairway down leads to a room full of paintings that each lead to a different world, we'll leave this room alone now and head upstairs, the doorway on the left contains a computer that we can save our progress at, the door to the right on the other hand contains Veronika and another friend of Amihailu, Lyudmila, despite what she says, we cannot switch party members with Veronika, so its time to explore the Dream Hotel.

Return to the painting room and enter the painting on the very left, take the left path and head up through the door to find another wood block sparkling on the ground, at the end of the pathway is an NPC we can talk to but it doesn't serve much purpose so instead return back to the painting room. Enter the painting to the right and you'll find yourself within a Villa, all throughout the Villa are trophies that yield information and trivia about the owner, take the path to the left, follow the hallway and just before you enter the door to the left, enter the south door and you'll find the girl who can turn our wood blocks into their proper collectable bellybutton form, which will be stored under the collectibles part of our items, by now, you should have three.

Unless you wish to explore the house more, return to the painting world and enter the first painting on the right, you should find yourself in a dark maze, first head south and then left to eventually come across a switch, turn the switch on and return to the maze. Head up and then to the right to come across Chun once again, after the scene, head down and take the first right to find a room with the Unmarked Key on the ground, return to where you saw Chun and instead head right to come across the door which using the Unmarked Key will give you access to, right now the room doesn't serve any purpose so instead head back to the painting room.

Moving along the hallway and enter the second door up to find Evkani once again, after he leaves, return to the pathway and continue until you have to head down, take the first left and enter the doorway, inside the room is a printer which when interacted with, you will be given the Tubular Key A. Return to the hallway and continue to follow the pathway until you come across a doorway at the end of the hallway, enter the room and search the file cabinet on the left to get Ae Cha's Diary which will trigger an additional scene after leaving the room.

After Ksenia has left, return to the painting room, you'll notice that the painting in the middle has changed and now become accessible, when you are ready to process, enter the painting. After following the path for a while, a scene will play out and now Inspector Chisato will give you access back to the hotel so talk to her and return to the dark maze painting, the room that was unlocked with the Unmarked Key is where we have to go, talk to the NPC and select "I want to leave" and "Yeah" to be given the Guardian Talisman, using this will end the game and give us Ending A, dialogue in this ending will be different depending on the choices made in the game.

Return to the Dream Mansion Edit

If you wish to get a different ending, select "What else can I do?" and "Definitely" to be given the Hell Talisman, which will give us access to the Castle of Nightmares, return to the painting room and enter the far left painting, enter the door on the side of the building and follow the pathway to enter the library, just behind the bookshelves up the top is another wood block, interacting with the shelf in the middle will take us back to a familiar place. Use the cylinder in the center and talk to the npc to end up back in the Dream Mansion, first things first, head back to the subway station since we now have the Tubular Key A and can enter the previously locked door, following the hallway will lead us to a room where we can trade the Triangle Hairpin for another wood block, an NPC will block your path and give you three choices when you try to return to the Dream Mansion, Option one will raise your affection with Misha, option 2 will lower your affection and option 3 will change nothing.

If you have collected the Graham Crackers, return back to the painting room in the Dream Hotel and enter the 2nd painting on the left to return to the villa. Follow the pathway all the way around until you reach the second hallway and then head down to enter the dining room to find the Lemon Pudding on the table.

Once you have collected the Lemon Pudding, head back to the Dream Hotel painting room and take the left painting back to the Downtown area, head left and then up into the building, take the door up the top and enter the door on the right. Head up until you come across an NPC that will give you the last wood block, as well as take you back to the Villa, so collect the last bellybutton carving before heading back to the Dream Mansion. Once you are in the radio room and ready to leave for good, enter the time from the clock in the store, 4096, to enter the final world of the game.

Castle Of Nightmares Edit

The Final Stretch Edit

Other than heading back, there is only one way to go and that is to press onwards, you'll eventually be greeted by black and red door, interact with it to enter the Castle of Nightmares. As you enter, things are already wrong, Misha has disappeared from our party and although we can head back, he will not rejoin us upon leaving, talking to the girl ahead yields nothing useful so instead head into the room on the right to pick up a book from the bookcase, St.Pimiko's Journey, a crucial component to an upcoming puzzle. Head into the room on the left and you'll immediately appear in the middle of an intersection, this is where the book we picked up comes into play, in which we must enter the rooms in the correct order which is South, East, West, North.

Upon entering the door to the North, we'll return to the previous room, which has changed since we were last here, The girl here will act as a save point instead of a computer, the only way we can go right now is through the middle door, so head on through to enter the outer walls of the Castle of Nightmares, head left and take the first south door you can to enter a maze, follow the south path to the next painting to leave the 2F maze and then head left again once you are on the outer walls, taking the first south door to enter the 3F maze as we continue to ascend the Castle, follow the pathway to the right and walk over the strange objects in the middle before interacting with the TV to end up back on the outer wall once again, we can only head right now so take the door south you'll find to end up on the 4F. It's a wide open area but head to the right and then to the north to find another statue like the ones on the outer walls, doing so will take us to a strange area full of Amihailu doppelgangers, head to the right to find the exit to a staircase, continue heading north until a cutscene plays in which we are reunited with Misha, after the cutscene, head north and watch the next cutscene, after awaking in your home once more, enter your room to enjoy the ending of the game.

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