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Amnesia is a fangame that stars a ghost named Toritsuki (とりつき). It is currently in version 0.06+. Amnesia is one of the less common games made in WOLF RPG editor, but sticks to a more RPG Maker 2003/2000 feel.


In Amnesia, the main goals are collecting effects and viewing events to try and piece together Toritsuki's past, and how/why she died.


There are some events that explain a little bit about her past, such as interacting with the boy with blue hair in the dark gummy bear world with a chaser, after interacting with him you wake up and a stuffed bear appears on her nightstand.

In the school located south of the tree world there is a school with a single girl in it that gives you the school uniform effect. When equipping the effect she follows Toritsuki rather quickly, but only with the effect equipped. In this same area, a desk next to the teacher's has a small vase with flowers. In Japanese tradition, when a student in school has passed away, a vase of flowers is placed on their desk. Interacting with the flowers warps Toritsuki to a small tatami room. Exiting the room reveals what appears to be an abandoned apartment, and going out of the balcony shows a girl with the same uniform as Toritsuki crying on the stairs. She can only be seen once, and it is impossible to go up the stairs.

In another world, entering a broken glass jar/bottle reveals the same girl crying on the balcony with her knees up.

A random event when entering the bed is waking up as human Toritsuki, but being unable to save, play NEZU, or go to the balcony, and attempting to leave just makings a shutting door sound, and Toritsuki wakes up as a ghost.


Unlike most Yume Nikki fangames, effects can be used in Toritsuki's room because essentially the whole world is her dream/spirit world/afterlife.

Name Image Description
Two Knots (ふたつむすび) AmnEff01 Toritsuki wears her hair in small pigtails with green hair ties. Pressing the 1 key makes her hair knots move slightly.
School Uniform (セーラーふく) AmnEff02 Toritsuki wears a sailor-style school uniform, a black-grey shirt and skirt with a blue bow. This attracts the NPC in the school.
Magical Girl (まほうしょうじょ) AmnEff03
Toritsuki transforms into a magical girl. Pressing the 1 key changes her outfits colour to blue or pink.
Flashlight (かいちゅうでんとう) AmnEff04 Toritsuki holds a flashlight under her face. Pressing the 1 key turns off the flashlight.
Cutter (カッター) AmnEff05 Toritsuki's weapon, she can kill NPCs with it. Pressing the 1 key makes her look at the cutter.
Haunt (とりつく)
Toritsuki wears the traditional Japanese ghost triangle on her head. Some of the NPCs can be possessed by Toritsuki when she has this effect equipped.
Angel (てんし) AmnEff07 Toritsuki gains a halo and wings which makes her go faster.
Hakama (はかま) AmnEff08 Toritsuki wears a hakama.
Apple (りんご) AmnEff09 Toritsuki's head becomes an apple. It attracts worms in the Forest world.
Teru Teru (てるてる) AmnEff10 Toritsuki becomes a teru teru bōzu. Equipping this effect causes it to rain, and un-equipping it makes it stop raining.
Drums (たいこ) AmnEff11 Toritsuki carries a drum. Pressing the 1 key makes her play the drum.
Leaf (おちば) AmnEff12
Toritsuki wears a leaf on her head. Pressing the 1 key changes her into a Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon).
Cold / Flu (かぜ) AmnEff13 Toritsuki's face is pale and she wears a bag of ice on her head.
Sea Slug / Clione (クリオネ) AmnEff14 Toritsuki becomes a small sea slug. This effect lowers her speed.
Cube (キューブ) AmnEff15 Toritsuki's head becomes a cube.
Sepia (セピア) AmnEff16 Toritsuki is in sepia colors.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.06+ Unknown ~ Version 0.06+

Version 0.06+ (Mefiafire Mirror)

Version 0.06+ (Mediafire Mirror 2)

Ver.0.05 Unknown ~ Version 0.05

Gameplay Video (Version 0.06)Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- Amnesia02:46

Yume Nikki fangames- Amnesia

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