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shirleycrow (雪鴉)




RPG Maker 2003 (Old Versions)

RPG Maker VX Ace

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September 2, 2012


KikeiSprite Kikei (畸形子)

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Anamorphosis is a Chinese Yume Nikki fangame made by shirleycrow (雪鴉). Before version -0.75, the game was made with RPG Maker 2003 and was almost entirely in simplified Chinese, until it was remade in RPG Maker VX Ace and given a mainly English vocabulary.


Anamorphosis is a traditional fangame. You start the game in a bloody room. You enter the dream world by standing on and interacting with the blood stain on the floor that has arrows pointing to it. The goal of the game is to explore the dream world and find Personalities (人格) (effects).

Every single Personality turns Kikei into something that bears no resemblance to their original self at all. This feature is unusual for other fangames, as the effects in most games are usually a depiction of the protagonist holding something, or partially turning into a different thing or item.

You save using the green book in the room. Interacting with the yellow light on the bottom wall allows you to view pictures (this feature was initially accessed using the green book). Older versions contain a blue book which shows a cut-scene and continues with puzzles (currently inaccessible).


You take the role of Kikei (畸形子), the protagonist of this game. According to their in-game title, they have Dissociative Amnesia.

From the very start of this game, you are able to end it. Upon interaction with the wall that says "here", Kikei will die/commit suicide and the game will end with the writing "Happy Ending". This it hardly a spoiler, since it's very easy to activate this ending by mistake from the very start, as the way to the nexus is less obvious in this game.

Personalities (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Syainoid AnamoEff01


Kikei becomes a red mass with multiple eyes. Movement speed slows when equipped.

Fixirocug AnamoEff02 "pigment"
Cirleazig AnamoEff03

"extreme cold"

Kikei becomes a pink-haired person balancing a bowl of ice-cream on their head. Pressing left shift makes snow appear.

Kuillaci AnamoEff04


Kikei becomes a green-haired person with red vines (?) growing out of their head. Enrages certain NPCs when equipped

Chrrasus AnamoEff05 "actinia"

The speed effect. Kikei becomes a floating, disembodied head with orange hair.

Jelryozee AnamoEff06


Kikei becomes a floating, one-eyed head with blue hair. Pressing left Shift teleports them to the Nexus.

Fomlwrdi AnamoEff07 "dryad"

Kikei becomes a green-haired Dryad.

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Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. -0.75+ ? ? Mediafire (Mirror)
Ver. -0.75

October 1, 2014

Pixiv Deleted
Ver. -0.77 ? ? Mediafire (Mirror)
Ver. -0.80 ? Pixiv Deleted

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