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Answered Prayers
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RPG Maker 2003

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October 25, 2010


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Answered Prayers is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Klaufir (Tumblr Deviantart Furaffinity Society6 Behance).

One of the more well-known English fangames, Answered Prayers is also one of the 'lighter' Yume Nikki fangames. This game has plenty of exploration value, with little gore/blood compared to many other Yume Nikki deriatives. At Version 0.03, the game has been put on hiatus, according to the official website.


The game stars Fluorette, a girl that resides in a shrine and prays so that she can enter the spirit world. She refuses to leave the shrine once she has entered it, so the player has no choice but to explore the spirit world with Fluorette. Through out the game are symbols of Fluorette's religion (priestesses, symbols, etc.).


You play as a girl named Fluorette who has run away from her home. Getting caught in a storm, you take refuge in a strange little shrine. You can't leave because the storm is too strong - all you can do is pray, and praying causes your spirit to project from your body and enter a surreal and mystical world of spirits and other supernatural beings.

Effects/Prayers and ItemsEdit

Answered Prayers has several effects, which are called "Prayers" in-game.

Name Image Description
Shovel AnsweredEff4 Fluorette holds a shovel. Pressing SHIFT makes Fluorette hold it over her shoulder. Used to kill NPCs.
Phantom AnsweredEff8 Fluorette becomes a silhouette. Pressing SHIFT returns you to the nexus.
Koraiyn AnsweredEff9 Fluorette becomes a small koraiyn. Pressing SHIFT makes her hop on the spot.
Food AnsweredEff2 Fluorette is armed with a submarine sandwich. Pressing SHIFT will make her take a bite out of it.
Light AnsweredEff5 Fluorette's eyes are bright. Lights up dark areas in the game.
Chromakey Dreamcoat AnsweredEff11 Fluorette's body turns invisible. Press SHIFT shows a colorbar test on her coat for a second.
Halo AnsweredEff10 Fluorette wears a halo.
Fluorette turns into a squid.
Tall Geta AnsweredEff7 Fluorette wears sandals and her speed doubles.
Karakasa AnsweredEff6 Fluorette becomes a Karakasa/ umbrella ghost.
Guitar AnsweredEff1 Fluorette carries a guitar. Pressing SHIFT makes her play a few notes.
Monochrome AnsweredEff3 Fluorette's colour palette becomes monochrome. Pressing SHIFT briefly removes the colour from the whole area
  • Broken Sandles-For 400Nat. if you bring these to the ChiMiko in the Marketplace you will be given the option to fix them, if you fix them you will learn the Tall Geta prayer. But in version 0.03 this item was removed from the game.
  • Rusty Key opens rusty door that leads in the Industrial Maze. This door leads to the City.

For more information please visit the Prayers page on the Answered Prayers wiki .

External Links/DownloadEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver 0.03 2013 ? Download (English)

Gameplay VideoEdit

Answered Prayers (Version 0.0201:06:15

Answered Prayers (Version 0.02.5) Blind Playthrough Live-Stream

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