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Asleep ver01 Title Screen
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RPG Maker 2003

Original Date

May 27, 2014


AmetsukiSprite Ametsuki

Nexus Doors







Asleep is a traditional Yume Nikki fangame with no dialogue. It was made by Rimururu (aka Commodarette) who also created Time Traveler. It has multiples endings, but some are still in development as is the game itself.


You get to explore Ametsuki's dreams which contain hints on the consequences of her horrendous actions in the past.

This game has some bugs that are on purpose, and possibly others that are not.


Ametsuki opted to commit suicide, and without regret it, she killed all those who have made her get to that point.

After that, she locks herself in the room of her apartment, so she will commit suicide later.

But before that happens, the consequences of her actions begin to appear in her dreams before she can do something about.

[Taken from the game's Readme.]


The sprites of the effects are matched to their names judging by their appearance only. If you played this game and see any errors in the placing of the sprites, feel free to edit this page, correcting them.

Name Image Description
Short Hair/Black Hair AsleepEff02 Ametsuki has short black hair.
Black Cat AsleepEff12 Ametsuki turns into a large black cat with red eyes. Pressing Shift makes her meow and return to the nexus.
Child AsleepEff14 Ametsuki becomes younger.
Demon AsleepEff15 Ametsuki grows demon horns on her forehead. Pressing Shift makes blood pour from her eyes and mouth.
Dyed Hair AsleepEff24 Ametsuki's hair is dyed black.
Flower Crown AsleepEff08 Ametsuki wears a thin and delicate flower crown with violet flowers.
Gakuran AsleepEff04 Ametsuki wears a gakuran (male school uniform).
Garbage Can AsleepEff21 Ametsuki sits inside a garbage can. Pressing Shift makes her try to fit completely into the garbage can.
Head AsleepEff10 Ametsuki carries her decapitated head in her arms. Pressing Shift makes blood spurt from the bottom of her head/neck.
Knife AsleepEff19 Ametsuki holds a butcher knife. Used to kill NPCs.
Mechanism AsleepEff18 Ametsuki becomes a cyborg.
Photographs AsleepEff22 Ametsuki's head is in a photo frame. Pressing Shift makes the face change from Ametsuki's, to Haruko's and Akito's.
Skeleton AsleepEff09 Amatsuki becomes a skeleton. Pressing Shift makes Ametsuki lift up her skirt, showing that her legs are skeletal.
Sweater AsleepEff03 Ametsuki wears a black cardigan over her uniform. Pressing Shift makes her stick her hands in her pockets.
Pink Sweater AsleepEff06 Ametsuki wears a pink sweater and a matching hat with animal ears.
Winged Shoes AsleepEff07 Ametsuki has winged shoes, like the ones from Greek Mythology. This effect increases her speed.


Name Image Description
Ametsuki AmetsukiSprite The main character of the game.
Akito AkitoAsleep A major side character who seems to be very much involved in Ametsuki's life.
Haruko HarukoAsleep A girl with short blue hair and a black bow in it who wears the same school uniform as Ametsuki.


Version Date Announcement Download
Version 01 May 27, 2014 Tumblr Download

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