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0.01 (2015/12/31)


Zusho Riley (図書ライリ)


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Release Date

December 31, 2014


Shiorisprite Shiori (栞)

Nexus Doors



(Spells) 14




Book End (ブックエンド) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame made by Zusho Riley (図書ライリ) (Pixiv, Twitter) who also the author of 13 Page (13ペエジ).


You start as a girl named Shiori (栞) who stays in a room with a balcony that she can't or doesn't want to leave. She can travel to her dream world by sleeping on her bed, once she enters the dream world her eyes will close wherever she goes. You can save the game by interacting with the desk.


In this game the effects are called Spells (スペル).

Name Image Description
Head (あたま) BeEff01 Shiori becomes a floating head, pressing Shift makes her rotate around.
Lupe (ルーペ) BeEff02 Shiori's head turns into a magnifying glass.
Cat (ねこ) BeEff03 Shiori's appearance becomes a black cat.
Paper Knife (ペーパーナイフ) BeEff04 Shiori holds a paper knife as a weapon.
Bell (すず) BeEff05 Shiori carries a bell, pressing Shift makes her ring the bell.
Tricycle (さんりんしゃ) BeEff06 Shiori rides a tricycle, it increases her speed.
Wafuku (わふく) BeEff07 Shiori wears Wafuku (traditional Japanese clothes). Pressing Shift makes her sit.
Book (ほん) BeEff08 Shiori turns into a book, pressing Shift brings her back to the Nexus.
Bat (コウモリ) BeEff09 Shiori has bat ears and wings which allow her to see in the darkness, pressing Shift makes her swing her wings.
Light (ひかり) BeEff10 Shiori is glowing light and brightens some dark places, pressing Shift makes her flash.
Wizard (まほうつかい) BeEff11 Shiori wears a wizard clothing and carries a magic stick, pressing Shift changes the color of the gem on the stick and stops NPCs' movement.
Fog (きり) BeEff12 Shiori turns into fog and makes the place foggy.
Glass (ガラス) BeEff13 Shiori's body turns into glass.
Another Person (べつじん) BeEff14 Shiori becomes another person.

Download / External Link Edit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.01 December 31, 2015 Twitter Japanese
Ver.0.00 December 31, 2014 Pixiv Japanese (Mirror)

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