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Broken Bottles
Broken Bottles' v0.03 Title Screen
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RPG Maker 2003

Original Date

October 31, 2011


DokutsukiSprite Dokutsuki

Nexus Doors







Broken Bottles is a Yume Nikki Fangame created by a user called Doodle (tumblr deviantart  pixiv accounts). You play as a young girl named Dokutsuki, who explores her subconscious by means of a chemistry set. The artistic motif is, as would be deduced, glass and bottles in various forms: maps, doorways, effects, etc. (chemical tubes could also be seen as "bottles"). It follows the YNFG premise somewhat faithfully:

"It holds the same main idea as Yume Nikki, you explore a girl's subconscious by falling into an induced sleep and you find what may lie in her mind. You start out in a corridor of doors, pick the one you want to start in while you explore. The effects change what the character looks like and sometimes their abilities. If you equip the same effect twice, you will return to your normal self. Just wander around and enjoy."

-Taken from the game's official site.


Broken Bottles plays like most Yume Nikki fangames, with the main goal being collecting effects and exploring Dokutsuki's dream world. Something a bit different from other fangames is the inclusion of dialogue and items that must be used to solve certain puzzles or access new areas. The atmosphere is hard to decipher but seems to be dark, but not as dark as .flow or Me , but more of a Yume Graffiti feel. Some possible motifs/themes are science, glass, drugs and their side effects, ect.

There is a walkthrough on this wiki here .


Not much is known about the plot so far, but it has been assumed that someone in Dokutsuki's family (Possibly her father due to the writing of "Dad..." in the writing/face world)  has abused or hurt Dokutsuki in some way. The residents of her dream world seem to have their own problems which could be her subconscious memories (An NPC mentioned her forgetting about him).  She also seems to have a bad past with a childhood friend of hers, as some areas and events show her with a pink haired girl.


Name Image Description
Glass Shard BottlesEff05 Dokutsuki's weapon, a small but effective green glass shard. Pressing SHIFT will make her throw it up in the air. It will twirl in the air and then she catches it.
Medusa BottlesEff03 Dokutsuki has snakes for hair and she becomes Medusa. Pressing SHIFT will make her open her eyes and freeze NPCS.
Clockhead BottlesEff02 Dokutsuki's head becomes a clock. Pressing SHIFT will allow you to see things you normally couldn't see.
Skull BottlesEff04 Dokutsuki's head becomes a skull. Pressing SHIFT will make her pop her head off.
Bandages BottlesEff09 Dokutsuki's head becomes covered in bandages.
Voiceless BottlesEff08 Dokutsuki's mouth becomes covered in what appear to be fabric.
Little Girl BottlesEff06 Dokutsuki becomes a little girl. Pressing SHIFT makes NPCs move quicker or towards her.
Fire Hair  BottlesEff07 Dokutsuki wears a headdress and a red outfit. Equipping it lights up dark areas.
Shadow BottlesEff01 Dokutsuki becomes a shadow. Pressing SHIFT returns the player to the nexus.
Jetpack BottlesEff10 Dokutsuki equips a jetpack. It increases her movement speed.
Scientist BottlesEff11 Dokutsuki wears a labcoat and doesn't have any red accessories in her hair.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version 0.03Edit

Official DevblogEdit

Official Website

Uboachan Thread

Version 0.03 (Spanish) Edit

Version 0.02 (Chinese)Edit Page

Mishka's Review of Broken Bottles (0.01)

Gameplay Video (Version 0.01) Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- Broken Bottles19:40

Yume Nikki fangames- Broken Bottles

Gameplay of Broken Bottles (Version 0.01)

Problems/Troubleshooting Edit

If the game can't even start and says "File system2c can't be opened" or something like that, just paste this image on "broken bottles/System2" folder



In some areas the game will stop and will display the same error, but this time with the "night2", "sky2" and "strange" images, to prevent this paste the following images on "broken bottles/Panorama" folder:







It's important that you do this before playing the game because these errors can make you lose your progress, as they are unexpected errors.

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