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Effects Guide - Version 0.03Edit

There are eleven effects to obtain in v0.03.

Glass ShardEdit

Enter the Static Puddle World. Go down from the door until you reach a brown door. Go right past that door until you see a red building just below you. Go down and step in front of the building.

Go left past the large bottle into the Broken Glass area. Go right and down from the two large bottles to an NPC weeping beside a corpse. Interact with the corpse.


Enter the Roads and Rivers World. Take the path going up then go right until you reach a dead end. Interact with the jetpack on the ground.


Enter the Static Puddle World. Go north-west from the door and interact with the skull on the ground.

Clock-Head Edit

Enter the Static Puddle (Boom) World. Go south-east from the door and enter the red building. In the maze go down, left to the end, down again and up, enter the door. Enter the only door in the new area, go up and along the hallway, enter the door at the end of it. Now, take the second door at the left side of the hallway. Keep going up until you find yourself in the narrow path. Walk this path and go right until you find a door you can enter. Enter the door. You should be in the room with an NPC. Interact with the small plane beside the NPC. Walk the path and interact with the face. You should be at the bus station. Get the bus ticket (see the walkthrough). Enter the second bus and arrive at the airport entrance, go up. In the new area go right and down the stairs, enter the third door there. Go to the next area. Keep going left and entering new areas until you find a set of stairs which resemble a triangle. Take the stairs up and interact with the clock. Enter the room to the right and keep going the hallway until you can get the effect.

Medusa Edit

Follow the walkthrough for the Clock-Head effect up until you find the blue stairs area. There you will need to interact with purple hands. There are a total of five of them and can be found roughly like this (note: the entrance is the beginning of the blue stairs area where a green eye on the wall can be seen):

  1. first area after the entrance: up->all the way to the left->keep going down
  2. first area after the entrance: take stairs to the left->stairs down
  3. second area after the entrance: go left until the statue->go down
  4. third area after the entrance: enter the door
  5. fifth area after the entrance: near a blue blob

Afterwards interact with the statue (you may need to do it twice). Go up and interact with a different statue to obtain the effect.

Scientist Edit

Follow the walkthrough for the Medusa effect up until the end, afterwards go up and enter the house. In the house take the right path, then take the north one and walk the hallway. Now walk the spiral-like hallway up to the end and enter the door. In the room interact with the lab coat lying on the floor to get the effect.

Effects Guide - Version 0.02Edit

There are six effects in Broken Bottles as of v0.02.

Glass ShardEdit

Glass Shard is like the knife effect in Yume Nikki. It is Dokutsuki's weapon and used to kill NPCs. It is located in Broken Glass World. Go through the brown door south of the Nexus door in Boom World. Interact with a box at the top left of the room. Go through the new door that appears, and interact with the bleeding severed hand next to the crying figure.


Skull is a purely cosmetic effect. It turns Dokutsuki's head into a rotted, yellow skull. It is found by interacting with a skull and bones in Boom World. It is located southwest of the Nexus door.


Bandages is a purely cosmetic effect. It puts bloody bandages around Dokutsuki's head. It is located in the Hospital. To find this effect, go to Boom World. Enter the red building, go down the path and break the giant bottle by interacting with it. Navigate through the maze until you find a door to the Hospital. Take the only door here, the topmost door in the next room, the accessible door on the right side of this hallway, and a door up from here; navigate to the bottom-right corner of this corridor and enter this new series of rooms. You will be able to interact with a woman to get the effect, whereupon a Chaser will appear.


Voiceless is a purely cosmetic effect. It puts a gag around Dokutsuki's mouth. In Faces World (the second door in the Nexus), there are two gagged yellow faces with the word "WHAT" above them. Go between these faces and enter Words World. Interact with another gagged face in this world to receive this effect.


Clock-Head makes Dokutsuki's head look like a clock and makes her body become a part of it. Her hands and feet become the hands of the clock. You can use this effect to see the true form of the blue wisps in this world. Also, this effect seem to make you capable of seeing the true form of some NPC's. You can find it in the Clocks area, found in the Library, which is accessed from the Airport. This effect is known to have a glitch that makes the Wake Up function disappear from the menu. Yikes!


Medusa makes you look like the Gorgon Medusa. You can activate this effect using the SHIFT key and freeze NPCs. You can find it in the Medusa area after deactivating all the hands and talking to the woman statue in the Library area.


Key 1Edit

It is received from the triangle in the bottom left corner of the Dream Courtyard.

Key 2Edit

It is received from the pink security person at the Airport, and allows you to board one of the flights and view the Crash event.

Bus TicketEdit

It is found in the room near the Bus Station filled with monsters, and grants access to the Bus Ride event and, consequently, the Airport.


An item only obtainable in v0.03. Gotten by cutting down the girl stuck in the tree in the Roads and Rivers World. Used to gain access to other areas.

Medicine Edit

(v0.03) Found in the same room the Scientist effect can be found in.


Bus RideEdit

Approaching the driver of the second bus in the Bus Station and sitting down will make the bus go dark, rumble, and drive the player to the Airport.

Plane CrashEdit

Similarly, upon getting Key 2, the player can board the furthest plane in the flight area of the Airport. Upon entering the plane, a woman will tell Dokutsuki the flight is full and that she must get off, urging her to use the bathroom first. Using the glass shard effect, the patrons lining in front of the bathroom can be killed to get access to the latrines, though these have no effect. Finding the pilot at the front of the plane initiates a rather rude conversation in which he tells you to board the next flight. When the player at last leaves the plane to re-enter the waiting area, an announcement will play, indicating that the plane has crashed. The room will suddenly turn red with a change of music and all the NPCs there will become chasers.