Chie (ちえ)
Fanart of Chie. Source

Chie meaning wisdom when in a certain Kanji string (知恵), and is a common Japanese female name, such as 千絵 (lit. thousand pictures)


Unknown, assumed to be younger than most dreamers




Light brown


Unknown, usually depicted anywhere from brown, orange, amber, sometimes even cyan


Yellow long sleeve shirt (sometimes drawn as a hoodie) with a orange circle on the middle


Chie (ちえ) is main character of the Yume Nikki fangame Lcd Dem.

You explore Chie's dreams to collect orbs,and you must get all the orbs to get the ending, but LCD DEM is one of the few games where not all effects are required. You go into the dream world by sleeping in Chie's bed and save by interacting with her diary on her desk. Additionally, going into the bed while in the dream world will bring Chie in the middle of a Nexus-like are where you can see how many Orbs you have collected.


Chie has short light-brown hair with a hairpin/hairclip of an orange flower, and dark orange/brown shorts (sometimes drawn as a skirt). 


It is usually estimated that she is young, and has a child-like innocence, due to the light and relaxing nature of the game. Chie is also depicted as being more gentle than other dreamers, possible because the axe effect is not required to get the ending/beat the game.


Not much is known about Chie, but people predict that she has lost memory/does not want to remember certain things that have happened in her life, and the orbs represent her memories, with the area around the orbs being the memories/how much Chie has buried it into her mind.

Other Game Appearances and ReferencesEdit

Chie is one of the more popularly referenced characters. She is almost, if not always, referenced in fangame reference rooms. Although after LcdDem had declared that they don't want anyone to even talk about their game, most of the references to Chie in fangame rooms have been removed.

Name Image Description
DayDreamRef Chie
A lamp of Chie can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
DebrRef Chie
There is a sign with Chie's shirt design in the Fangames Reference Railroad.
Dream vs Dream
Chie is one of the confirmed future characters. Early sprites and actions have been made, but were removed by the creator.
One of the easels in the Fangames Reference Gallery has a painting with Chie's shirt design.
HalluEff Chie
One of the mats that can be found in the Apartment has Chie's signature circle shirt design.
H&S Chie ref
A head representing Chie with the pattern on the face can be found in the Fangame reference room.
LonelyRef Chie
A plate in the Fangames Reference Room has her shirt pattern.
MeRef Chie
Before Version 0.05, there was a painting of Chie's shirt in the Fangames Reference Gallery. At the bottom right there is a nightcap from the Pajamas effect.
RemeRef Chie
A picture of Chie's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
Sick Mind
SickRef Chie
A doll of Chie can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
A painting of Chie can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.
UbokRef Chie
A screen/painting of Chie's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.
Yume 2kki
Chie's outfit can be found in Urotsuki's Dressing Room.
Yume Fumi
A diamond with Chie's shirt pattern can be found at the Fangames Reference Room
NumRef Chie
A box with Chie's outfit pattern can be found in the Fangame Reference Hallway.

External LinksEdit

Chie's page on the LCDDEM Wiki

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