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DRY is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Forty, who also created Ignite. Interestingly enough, Feutsuki even appears in this game as a cameo. Its title seems to be a pun/gag because its protagonist is an alcoholic, therefore he is rarely "dry". It features a prologue/intro with dialogue that informs the player of the setting.

The main part of the game also has some dialogue, but it's not the main feature of this game. DRY is drawn in mostly grey shades, which makes it look somewhat depressing. Due to it being a demo, the game is very short. Ver1 of DRY is currently being worked on.


After the intro, the actual game starts. The main character is camping somewhere. The game can be saved by sitting in front of the fire. Enter the tent and interact with the CD player to enter something like a different reality. Explore the world that opens to you and collect all the "Tracks" (Effects). You can go back to reality by Ejecting the CD through the menu.


DRY is about an alcoholic deer named Dry, who had recently graduated from college and is about to enter university. The game begins with him sitting in a pub and asking the bartender for another drink, but he talks him out of it and tells him to go home.

The problem is Dry is far away from home right now, as his father gave him a CD that should help him to overcome his addiction. His father said that Dry should be far away from home for it to work, so he took a tent and traveled to the place where the game starts.

Tracks (Effects)Edit

Effects are known as Tracks in this game.

Name Image Description
Windego DRYEff1 Turns you into a big carnivorous monster (a Wendigo). You still have deer horns, though. It acts as your weapon effect, after you devour at least one NPC, your face becomes covered with blood and stays like that until you eject the CD.
Avian DRYEff2 Turns you into a bird-like creature. You still have deer horns, though. Pressing the action key makes you caw.


Version Date Announcement Download
Demo July 13, 2013 Pixiv Download

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