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Dry's EffectsEdit


Interact with the green symbol to reach the Waterhole. Enter the door above you. Enter the door at the end of the hallway, then the door closest to you. Enter the door further down the hallway. Interact with the box with sludge in it and get the I.D. card.

Interact with the yellow symbol to the Gravelbuilding. Enter the building and go into the elevator. Go to floor nine and talk to the white cat. They'll take the I.D. card off you. Go to floor eight and enter the door to your right. Interact with the wendigo.


Interact with the blue symbol to the Grey Block World. Enter the doorway on your right. Go right and enter the doorway. Go left and enter the doorway. Go left again and enter the doorway. You should be on a stone staircase. Turn around and enter the door you came through. Interact with the crow.