Game Walkthrough Gallery

Sadatsuki's EffectsEdit

Razor (かみそり)Edit

Enter the flashing neon door. Go north and interact with the yellow and pink statue. Go left and up from where you're teleported. Interact with the blood-covered NPC.

Lamp Shade (スタンドライト)Edit

Enter the purple door. Go south-west and go between two lit lamps. Walk down the hallway and interact with the shining lamp at the end.

Sepia (セピア)Edit

(Lamp Shade Effect is needed).

Enter the gray door. Go south-west and between two purple pillars. Enter the other door and keep going right until you see a doorway. Enter the doorway and go up the road. From the doorway, go up once then keep going right.

Interact with the corpse on the road. Go up and interact with the flower.

Deer (シカ)Edit

Enter the brown door. Go south-east and interact with the blade of grass. Go south and interact with the two-leafed sapling.

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