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De I Cide
"De I Cide" (Ver TREY) title screen.
Latest Version

TREY (3), CATER (4)


Saki-Izuriha (出灰サキ)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

January 23, 2014


DeiCharacters Inahoozuki (否鬼灯), Ginmokusei (銀木犀)

Nexus Doors

Inahoozuki - 6
Ginmokusei - 5


Inahoozuki - 24 (+2)
Ginmokusei - 24 (+1)




De I Cide is a traditional Yume Nikki fangame with a twist made by Saki-Izuriha (出灰サキ), who also made an English version but almost immediately deleted it. This game features mostly dark and disturbing themes and has a rather unusual for a Yume Nikki fangame soundtrack, which consists of metal and trance tracks in contrast to calm piano music. It stars a girl with messy hair named Inahoozuki (否鬼灯) who, most likely, is insane, and a silver haired child named Ginmokusei (銀木犀).

The latest version is actually Version CATER (4), but it is extremely short. Version CATER is similar to the April Fool's releases of .flow, Me and other fangames, but only because of its length. According to the creator, "CATER is neither a joke nor a kinda April Fool's event. That's actually a part and a close of the story."


Like in most traditional fangames, your objective is exploring dream worlds and collecting effects. Plus there are multiple endings to reach. You enter Inahoozuki's dreams through her bed, save at the notebook on her desk. In the second version the option to save at any point of the game was added due to unpredictable game freeze bugs.

A curious fact about this game is that it has the least malicious-looking chasers. Though they still run fast after you and trap you in a sectioned-off area. There also is a frequently recurring character - dark figure with a golden padlock - who won't let you pass through to some areas. There are about 20 of them scattered around Inahoozuki's dream world and you must get rid of all of them in order to see all the endings.

Inahoozuki's Dream Room has a music player with the game's soundtrack, though you must unlock most of the songs first to be able to play them. The most noticeable thing in her dream room is a Roomba vacuum cleaner. This isn't an effect, it rather serves as an alternative to riding a chair while in dream. You can also turn on the TV to view Japan's weather channel.

Interact the game console in front of the TV can play a mini-game where you control a rapid bamboo shoot that has to smash normal mushrooms avoiding the colorful moving "chaser" mushrooms. The sprites used in the mini-game are reference to 2 brands of chocolate snacks call "Takenoko no Sato (lit. Bamboo Shoot Village)" and "Kinoko no Yama (lit. Mushroom Mountain)", which always cause a struggle between fans of them.

A bonus room with special content has been added, you can enter it by stepping on the upper rightmost corner of Inahoozuki's nexus.

Starting from version TREY, De I Cide has two playable protagonists, though Inahoozuki's part is still the main one. You always start off as her, but you can always switch to Ginmokusei's part by interacting with the transparent NPC in Inahoozuki's room. As Ginmokusei you can also switch back to Inahoozuki.

Ginmokusei's PartEdit

Ginmokusei's apartment is a lot emptier than Inahoozuki's, but he can actually leave it and even use an elevator in his apartment building. His part has independent dream worlds, a looping nexus with doors that move around, and multiple effect-giving portals. The laters allow you to collect specific effects that are correspondent to Inahoozuki's effects you've already collected.


You start off as Inahoozuki, who is, according to her description is a Psychopath (in Ver I), or a Demon Child. Not only she refuses to leave her room, she won't even go out to her balcony. Her "normal" room is messy and bloody, in contrast to that, her dream room looks cute and cosy. Because Inahoozuki is blonde and because of her appearance in version CATER, she references Poniko and the Uboa event in Yume Nikki.


Inahoozuki's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Spin (くるくる) N/A Inahoozuki spins around herself while walking. Her appearance does not change.
Angel (てんし) DeiEff10 The weapon effect. Inahoozuki has no right arm, instead, she is given a black feathered angel wing and a black halo. Her right eye becomes red. When interacting with most NPCs it usually kills/vanishes them. This effect also works against the Lock Shadows, allowing Inahoozuki to sometimes reach normally inaccessible areas.
Demon (あくま) DeiEff11 Inahoozuki has no left arm, instead, she is given a black wing, tail and pointy ears/horns. Her left eye becomes red. Pressing Shift makes her eye green.
Chariot (チャリオット) DeiEff01 Inahoozuki has the wheels of a chariot which double her speed. Pressing Shift brings up a speed menu for the effect. Though there are some places where you can't bring up the dialog, so the speed is only doubled when the effect is in use. The Chariot effect also moves slowly in water.
Goth-Loli (ゴスロリ) DeiEff09 Inahoozuki is dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion. Pressing Shift toggles her hair straight or curly.
Short Hair (たんぱつ) DeiEff03 Inahoozuki has Ginmokusei's clothes and hairstyle.
Kitsune (妖狐) DeiEff02 Inahoozuki is being literally possessed by a demon fox spirit. She has red eyes and fox ears and a glowing fire-like aura. Some of her movements cannot be controlled.
Skin Removal (スキンリムーバル) DeiEff04 Some of Inahoozuki's skin on the face is peeled off.
Eye (めだま) DeiEff07 A big red and black eye appears on Inahoozuki's torso, and a Kanji character 目 (eye) is written on her back. Pressing Shift returns her to the nexus.
Fountain (ふんすい) DeiEff06 There is a fountain in Inahoozuki's head. Pressing Shift causes it to rain.
Music Box (オルゴール) DeiEff05 Inahoozuki's head is replaced with a music box. Pressing Shift opens its lid and plays some music. Then (in most areas) the dream world will be toggled dark/light.
Blindfold (めかくし) DeiEff08 Inahoozuki wears a red, possibly blood-stained blindfold and walks backwards. Pressing Shift makes her eyes bleed, then she wipes the blood from her face.
Straitjacket (こうそくい) DeiEff13 Inahoozuki wears a straitjacket. Pressing Shift causes her to wear a sack(?) with an eye drawing over her head.
Stabbed (ぐしゃぐちゃ) DeiEff14 Inahoozuki has a big cross stuck in her body.
Russian Roulette (ロシアンルーレット) DeiEff17 Inahoozuki holds a gun with one bullet. Pressing Shift causes Inahoozuki to play Russian Roulette with it; trying to shoot herself with it. Like in the original "game", there is a good chance to not get a bullet in the head. Nevertheless, each time there is a random chance (1/6 chance) Inahoozuki shoots herself, then she'll be forced to wake up.
Guitar (ギター) DeiEff15 Inahoozuki plays a left-handed red electric guitar. Pressing Shift plays some chords on it.
Snowball (ゆきだま) DeiEff12 Inahoozuki has light blue eyes and turns into a snowman made of two snowballs, which silently slides on the ground because it has no legs. Pressing Shift sends down snow.
Micro (ミクロ) DeiEff18 Inahoozuki becomes very small. This effect allows her to pass through smaller doorways. Pressing Shift causes her to make a "Mew" sound.
Argon (アルゴン) N/A Inahoozuki turns into argon gas, thus becoming completely invisible. Pressing Shift causes her to make a sound and a speech bubble with a question mark appears a above her, showing her whereabouts.
Duscle/ Inuhoozuki/ Black Nightshade (いぬほおずき) DeiEff22-2 Inahoozuki has a Black Nightshade growing on her head and, her eyes become green.
Windmill (ふうじん) DeiEff22 Inahoozuki has a small green windmill on her head, and her eyes become hazel. Pressing Shift makes the screen to light blue for a split second, and a windmill being spun by wind can be heard.
Shout (シャウト) DeiEff19 Inahoozuki has bright blue eyes. Pressing Shift causes her to scream loudly, marking where the scream was produced with a large red crack.
Upside-Down (さかさま) DeiEff16 Inahoozuki walks on her head. Pressing Shift makes her spin around.

This effect is no longer used in Ver TREY. It had been replaced with the Medicine effect.

Medicine (くすり) DeiEff27 Inahoozuki holds a pack of dangerous tablets, prescribed to take no more than two tablets a day. Each time you press the Shift key, she will take one tablet. If you make her take two tablets, she will vomit once. If you make her take three she will vomit twice, then she will pass out/die. As a result she is forced to wake up.

This effect is a Ver TREY only effect. It replaces the "Upside-Down" effect.

Glasses (めがね) DeiEff20 Inahoozuki wears glasses she doesn't need, making the screen shake.
Demon Child DeiEff28 A debug room only effect. Inahoozuki is given the appearance of chasers from Ginmokusei's section. This effect also speeds her up, allows her to pass through any walls and objects, gives her the ability to switch between worlds if Shift is pressed and allows her to kill NPCs.

Inahoozuki's Effect MixesEdit

Name Image Description
Angel + Demon DeiEff25 Inahoozuki is missing both of her arms, instead she is given two different black wings, a black halo and a demon's horns/ears and tail. Inahoozuki's speed halves and she has several blood stains on her wings, head and where her arms should be. Pressing Shift makes a loud lightning sound which kills/vanishes all certain NPCs (including chasers) in your current area.

Ginmokusei's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Angel (天使) DeiGinEff01 Ginmokusei has a halo and a pair of white wings.
Demon (悪魔) DeiGinEff03DeiGinEff03a Ginmokusei has a red/green halo and a pair of black wings.
Roomba (ルンバ) DeiGinEff05 Ginmokusei rides a roomba (a robotic vacuum cleaner), increasing his speed.
Goth (ゴス) DeiGinEff09 Ginmokusei is dressed in gothic style.
Long Hair (長髪) DeiGinEff06 Ginmokusei has Inahoozuki's hairstyle and clothes, the only difference is the color palette, which remains the same as Ginmokusei's sprite.
Kitsune (ようこ) DeiGinEff10 Ginmokusei grows a pair of fox ears. He also has blue eyes.
Skin Removal (スキンリムーバル) DeiGinEff12 Some of Ginmokusei's skin on his face and left arm is peeled off.
Eye (眼) DeiGinEff16 A big blue and black eye appears on Ginmokusei's torso, and a Kanji character 目 (eye) is written on his back.
Fountain (噴水) DeiGinEff13 There is a fountain in Ginmokusei's head.
Music Box (ミュージックボックス) DeiGinEff15 Ginmokusei's head is replaced with a music box. Pressing Shift opens its lid and plays some music.
Blind (ブラインド) (ex Eye Mask) DeiGinEff14 Ginmokusei wears a black eye mask and walks backwards.
Handcuffs (手錠) DeiGinEff04 Ginmokusei's hands are handcuffed behind his back.
Cross (十字) DeiGinEff07 Ginmokusei has a big cross stuck in his body.
Blank Shot (空砲) DeiGinEff11 Ginmokusei holds a gun.
Bass (ベース) DeiGinEff08 Ginmokusei plays a blue bass guitar. Pressing Shift plays some chords on it.
Snowball (雪玉) DeiGinEff17 Ginmokusei turns into a snowman.
Micro (ミクロ) DeiGinEff19 Ginmokusei becomes microscopic (very small).
Krypton (クリプトン) N/A Ginmokusei turns into krypton gas, thus becomes completely invisible.
Windmill (風車) DeiGinEff21 Ginmokusei has a small green windmill on his head.
Shout (シャウト) DeiGinEff20 Ginmokusei has red eyes. Pressing Shift opens a menu to choose between "Staccato" and "Long Tone".

If "Staccato" is chosen, Ginmokusei makes a short sharp scream and a blue crack appears on the screen, marking the place where the scream was produced.

If "Long Tone" is chosen, Ginmokusei makes a long scream and he will be warped back to the nexus.

Fragrant Osmanthus/Fragrant Olive/Ginmokusei (ぎんもくせい) DeiGinEff18 Ginmokusei has a Fragrant Osmanthus plant growing on his head.
Invert (インバート) DeiGinEff23 Ginmokusei becomes inverted and walks on his head.
Glasses (眼鏡) DeiGinEff22 Ginmokusei wears glasses.
Spin (回転) N/A Ginmokusei spins around himself while walking. His appearance does not change.
Crusader DeiGinEff02 A debug room only effect. Ginmokusei has the appearance of chasers from Inahoozuki's part. This effect also speeds him up, allows him to pass through any walls and objects, gives him the ability to switch between worlds if Shift is pressed and allows him to kill NPCs (?).



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June 8, 2014

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January 23, 2014

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【ゆっくり実況】De I CideをプレイPart1【初投稿】