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Machikado no Michi (街角の道), Haru (はる)




RPG Maker 2000

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February 28, 2014


Motatuki Motatsuki (もたつき)

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Device is a fangame by Machikado no Michi (街角の道) (Pixiv, Twitter) and Haru (はる) (Pixiv), the creators of Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中). The game is still at its early stages, so there are areas sectioned off with red cones pointing out that they are unfinished and unreachable.


The protagonist is Motatsuki (もたつき), he refuses to leave his room. When trying to open the door, he says "Stop it!" in Japanese. He also seems to be the very first fangame protagonist wearing earphones by default. This might have something to do with the fact that some of the effects in Device are music/sound-related.


Save the game through Motatsuki's computer (by choosing the green folder), enter Motatsuki's dreams by sleeping in the bed. Motatsuki's PC is similar to the ones in Me or The Looking Glass, as you can unlock wallpapers, music and menu styles. There are currently no chasers in this game.

When Motatsuki is asleep, a debug room can be accessed by interacting with the right closet door. That room has a wall that warps you to a dream world when you approach it.


Name Image Description
Drill (ドリル) DeviceEff04 Motatsuki carries an orange hand drill which he uses as his weapon. While it is equipped, NPCs will run away from him. Pressing Shift will cause Motatsuki to turn the drill on for a few seconds.
Marionette (マリオネット) DeviceEff07 Motatsuki turns into a girly-looking marionette with twintails and a red dress. Pressing Shift will hide the marionette strings and control bars.
Dark Suit (ダークスーツ) DeviceEff06 Motatsuki wears a black suit, his hair turns black and his left eye turns red. Pressing Shift will make him bow (like a butler?).
Cat-phone (キャッドホン) DeviceEff05 Motatsuki wears purple wire headphones shaped like cat ears. Pressing Shift causes him to meow.
No Sound (おとなし) DeviceEff02 Motatsuki's ears are damaged, making the BGM of the location where you're at stop. Pressing Shift causes Motatsuki to mess with the bloody stains where his ears are supposed to be.
Synthesizer (シンセサイザー) DeviceEff03 Motatsuki holds a blue synthesizer. Pressing Shift will make him play a melody on it.
Hang Glider (ハングライダー) DeviceEff01 Motatsuki rides a hang glider which resembles a paper plane. His speed is enhanced when using this effect.
Short Hair (ショートヘアー) Short hair Motatsuki has short hair. Pressing Shift will make him sit down.
Student (がくせい) Student Motatsuki has black hair and wears a school uniform.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.03 November 2, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.02 March 19, 2014 Pixiv
Ver.0.01 (First Release) February 28, 2014 Pixiv

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