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Divinity Fatum
Divinity Fatum title screen.
Latest Version




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RPG Maker VX Ace

Original Date

June 2, 2011


Df protagonist Sophia

Nexus Doors







Divinity Fatum is a Yume Nikki fangame by GreyInvidia. It was originally planned to be one of a trilogy. Divinity Fatum :Birth: was a prequel to this game. That idea was scrapped and they were all combined into one when the developer decided to remake everything. It was originally made in RPG Maker XP, but is now being developed in RPG Maker VX Ace. The game stars Sophia in first the two acts and Salomon in third act.


A lot of wandering and clue finding. There is some dialog and events, as well as multiple endings.


The protagonist wakes up in a cold rainy city not remembering anything. The city seemingly goes on forever, and the protagonist takes up searching for other beings. In her quest to find another person, she comes along many clues concerning a mysterious girl named Sophia, who is apparently also trapped in the endless city, and her own identity.


  • Protagonist - Main character of Divinity Fatum, searching for a way out of the endless city.
  • Sophia - A girl who apparently wandered the streets of the city before the protagonist.
  • Princess in the Tower - White haired princess who cannot dwell in the same realm as her followers.
  • Shadow - The only proof of another being in the city.
  • Cinderella - Sophia's friend who secludes herself in her house.
  • Kaoru - Sophia's guide, watches over Void for people who haven't lost hope.
  • Clockwork - Creature tortured by the Ringmaster's audience, released by Sophia.
  • Ringmaster - Captured Clockwork, displays her in his circus.
  • Milene - A mysterious girl who owns a secluded estate and kills those who try to betray her.
  • Salomon - An unknown man found sleeping in a capsule.
  • Leader - A gigantic eye, telling about his idea of ideal world.
  • Stab Town's people - People who betrayed Sophia.
  • Caretaker - Mysterious being, supposedly taking care of Clockwork.
  • Princess - The woman which grants Sophia her wish.


The effects in this game are called clues instead. These are:

  • Blade
  • Map
  • Writing on the wall
  • Notepad
  • TV
  • Book of Genesis
  • Mirror
  • Note I
  • Storybook
  • Book of Wails
  • Eye
  • Text on the ground
  • Note II
  • Shadow
  • Red Splash
  • Innocents
  • Sophia's Diary
  • Cinderella's Entry
  • Kaoru's Entry
  • World's Ends Diary
  • Salomon's Note
  • Note III
  • Clockwork's Entry
  • Milene's Entry
  • Leader's Entry
  • Stab Town's Entry
  • Record of Apocalypse
  • Princess' Entry

Progression and EndingsEdit

So far the game contains 2 endings and 2 completed Acts, while also hinting players about 3rd Act (not yet implemented). To get certain endings, or progress to the next Act, it is necessary to get or not get certain items first.

  • End 1 - Dream about people- after acquiring Storybook, go straight to building on street 12
  • Act II- get both Storybook and Innocents clue before going to building on street 12. After short flashback on street X, pick "No". Picking "Yes" will grant you End 1 instead
  • End 2 - World no more- after getting Stab Town's Entry, go straight on the next floor, instead of going for clue on street 10
  • Act III- get Record of Apocalypse clue, before going on 6th floor in building on alleyway between street 3 and 19

The creator of the game provided a spoiler-free walkthough. You can read it here.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Let's Play Divinity Fatum BLIND Part 1 The Rainy City18:14

Let's Play Divinity Fatum BLIND Part 1 The Rainy City


Download Latest DemoEdit

Download Original Divinity FatumEdit

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