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DreaMarbleng (ドリーマーブリング)
DreaMarbleng Style: 0.009 bit's Title Screen
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Style:0.012bit (2017/08/22)


Koutsuki (幸付き)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

June 2, 2010


IrotsukiSprite Irotsuki (いろつき)

Nexus Doors



(Accessories) 13




DreaMarbleng (ドリーマーブリング) or DML (could also be romanized as "Dreamer Bring") is a Yume Nikki Fangame developed by Koutsuki (幸付き), based upon Irotsuki (いろつき)'s dreams. As opposed to most fangames, instead of refusing to leave her room, the protagonist refuses to leave her house.


The nexus consists of a room similar to Irotsuki's with a large and small canvas. Once you interact with the small one, you're taken to the first world where you're supposed to find the "Brush and Palette" Accessory. As you find accessories/items, you can unlock more empty canvases which need to be painted in order to explore more worlds. This game has 23 items, 13 of those are accessories which can be used to change Irotsuki's appearance.

Every time Irotsuki sleeps, you earn 1 Credit as "money" of this game, which can redeem a game guide (costs 2 Cr.) or a single-time speed boost (costs 5 Cr.) from the desk in real world.


The game has little story which is all explained in a letter you find in Irotsuki's room. This letter speaks of a certain Mr. Dreamer asking Irotsuki to paint the landscapes of her dreams, but to be careful not to paint any of the living beings she may find. However, that letter has been removed as of version 0.005bit III.

There's currently three endings, called "Easy Clear" after you unlock the second big canvas, "Hard Clear" after you get Back-walking accessory, and "Super Hard Clear" after you get 'Resurrection' and heal damaged NPCs and view certain events.

Accessories (Effects) and ItemsEdit

Irotsuki collects items and accessories. Items accounts for anything you find, but you can only use the ones in the accessory menu. There's 13 accessories to find.


Name Image Description
Brush and Palette (ふでとパレット) BlengEff01 Irotsuki puts on a red beret and holds both a palette and a brush. You must equip this to paint on white canvases and create a portal to access an area.
Bucket (バケツ) BlengEff08 Irotsuki holds a bucket of water. It can be used to kill chasers.
Eraser (けしゴム) BlengEff09 Irotsuki erases the background and teleports back to her dream world's room.
Electo / Electro (エレクト) BlengEff03 Irotsuki wears a blue shirt with an electrocardiogram graph on it, increasing her speed.
Stop (ストップ) BlengEff04 Irotsuki wears a white shirt with a red square in it. When she equips it, her arms extend, there's a slight pause and she goes back to her starting position. She's able to stop the chasers from following her.
Rokaato (ロカート) BlengEff07 Irotsuki wears a red shirt with an arrow on it. She lowers her head to concentrate around, which can pass through certain portals. Rokaato (Locart) seems to be the name of a Japanese art school.
Cat (キャット) BlengEff02 Irotsuki wears a green shirt, and now has cat ears and a cat tail. She meows immediately after equipping it. Some NPCs will follow you around when this accessory is equipped.
Zipper (チャック) BlengEff11 Irotsuki wears an outfit with a zipper.
Tentacles (テンタクル) BlengEff05 Irotsuki is wrapped with green tentacles, able to remove certain obstacles.
Force/Fourth Tail (フォーステイル) BlengEff06 Irotsuki wears a light blue shirt and now has four arms, which can open certain doors.
Resurrect (リザレクト) BlengEff12 Irotsuki wears a light blue shirt with a blue cross, which can resurrect certain NPCs.
Back-walking (バックウォーク) BlengEff10 Irotsuki wears a blue coat, and she walks backward when in horizontal directions.
Old Style (オールドスタイル) IrotsukiSprite Irotsuki is in the sprite of older game versions.


Name Image
Banana (バナナ) DMLItem03
Omurice/Omelette and Rice (オムライス) DMLItem01
Cherry (チェリー) DMLItem09
Watermelon (スイカ) DMLItem08
Ice-Cream (アイスクリーム) DMLItem06
Sponge Cake/Castella


Tiramisu (ティラミス) DMLItem07
Hamburger (ハンバーガー) DMLItem02
Donut (ドーナツ) DMLItem04
Steak (ステーキ) DMLItem10
Prescription (治療書)
Medicine (薬)
Red Book (赤い本)
Letter (手紙)



Version Date Announcement Download

August 22, 2017
Style 0.010 bit

May 21, 2016

Style 0.009 bit II ? ? Deleted
Style 0.009 bit ? ? Mediafire (Mirror)
Style 0.007 bit III ? ? Mediafire (Mirror)
Style 0.007 bit II Deleted
Style 0.007 bit Mediafire (Mirror)


Version Languages Translators Announcements Downloads
Style.0.007bit (L) Chinese Feiyang Hanxing (飛揚寒星) Baidu

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Gameplay Video (Version 0.005bit (VII)Edit

Yume Nikki Fangames- Dreamarbleng

Yume Nikki Fangames- Dreamarbleng

Gameplay of Dreamarbleng (Version 0.005 (VII)


  • Medium Clear's BGM is used on Hard Clear.
  • There is a BGM with a creation date of 1998.