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Dream Genie (梦鬼)
Title Screen
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0.6m (2015/04/07)


TanDen___ ☄




RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

May 19, 2012


Qiu-QinSprite Qiu-Qin (秋琴)

Nexus Doors

4 + 5


(Virtual Objects) 16 + 2 (?)




Dream Genie (梦鬼, Mèng Guǐ, lit. Dream Ghost) is a Chinese Yume Nikki Fangame by "TanDen___ ☄" aka "DEVILの碳町". Qiu-Qin (秋琴) is the protagonist of this game.


You start off as a girl named Qiu-Qin. One strange thing is that music plays while in the real world. You can change the Menu Style by interacting with the horned skull in the room. You save at the television and enter the Dream World through the mirror on the wall. While in the Nexus, you can change your walking speed by interacting with the statue in the middle. Unlike most of the fangames, Qiu-Qin's appearance will change forms while entering some of the worlds. You collect Virtual Objects to gain progress, but you can actually get harmed by aggressive NPCs and your HP goes down and you can actually get Game Over (which shows Damn Over and back to title screen). Though there is a stop where you can buy potions to refill your health.

There is a room the player can access by closing the 3D Projector in the Nexus, you can enter the Subnexus with 6 more portal (one is blocked) by opening the 3D projection.

Additionally, there is also a Pet Room near the 3D Projector, you can feed the strange rabbit pet Zabu (扎布) with something you have collected in the dream world to change its appearance, or release it and let it follow you through the dream world. On the bottom-right part in the Nexus is a Trophy Room, you will get 4 trophies by accessing some places.


Am Qiu-Qin.
Have paranoia.
I am satisfying in the dream world.
...Let's begin.


The effects are called Virtual Objects (虚物).

Name Image Description
Monster Outfit (怪兽服) DgEff18 Qiu-Qin wears a monster outfit.
Default (默认态) DgEff12 Changes Qiu-Qin to the default version. It's in the menu from the start.
Golden Armor (黄金甲士) DgEff01 Qiu-Qin wears a golden armor.
Spear of Fear (恐惧之矛) DgEff02 Qiu-Qin's head turns into a rusty spear and has red shirt.
Poison (毒药) DgEff11 Qiu-Qin's head turns into a bottle of poison and has black shirt.
Walker (步行者) DgEff03 Qiu-Qin rides a robotic spider walking machine.
Civilian (平民) DgEff04 Qiu-Qin turns into a robotic humanoid.
Twins (双子) DgEff05 Qiu-Qin becomes a blue child that similar to another blue child.
Slayer (杀戮者) DgEff08 Qiu-Qin becomes a blue child with horns, interact with the NPCs will cause her to kill them.
Virus (病毒) DgEff14 Qiu-Qin becomes a gas of purple virus.
Amulet (印符) DgEff15 Qiu-Qin's head turns into a pair of shadow insect legs.
Flying Machine (飞行器) DgEff16 Qiu-Qin wears a pair of rocket shoes which allow her fly over some of the edges.
Egg (奇蛋) DgEff06 Qiu-Qin wears a broken egg outfit.
Multi Transformation (万变) DgEff13 Qiu-Qin turns into a floating slime.
Spacesuit (宇航服) DgEff07 Qiu-Qin wears a spacesuit which allows her to travel through the space.
Fairy (精灵) DgEff17 Qiu-Qin becomes a fairy.
Sadness (悲念) DgEff09 Qiu-Qin becomes devil-ish.
Condolence (哀悼) DgEff10 Qiu-Qin becomes devil-ish.

Other Collectable ItemsEdit

Name Description
Hamburger (汉八嘎) Zabu's item, you can also try to eat it.
Green Leaf (青叶) Zabu's item.
Pants (胖子) Zabu's item.
Mask (面具) Zabu's item.
Thief (神偷) Zabu's item.
Becoming Weird (变得奇怪了) Zabu's item.
Butcher (屠夫) Zabu's item.
Miracle Potion (神奇药水) Recovers you HP.
Slime Meat (史莱姆肉) Material.
Wheel Gear (齿轮) Material.
Energy Box (能源盒) Material.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.6m April 7, 2015 Baidu Page Download

Gameplay VideoEdit

Dream Genie - Yume Nikki Fangame

Dream Genie - Yume Nikki Fangame