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October 21, 2015


Whotsuki Dreamer

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Dream RPG is a unique Yume Nikki Fangame released by SCity Dreamer. The game contains dialogue and RPG-style battles and is still early in development. The game is divided into routes accessed through the Nexus that branch out into paths to Nightmares, the boss battles for the game.


The protagonist has "Dreamer" as a tentative name and identifies as nonbinary. They refuse to leave their room, insisting on dreaming and writing at their desk, the later of which saves the game.

The dream world seems to be a mish-mash of stories, the sources of which can be found in the Dream Apartment that appear after obtaining an Effect or defeating a Nightmare.

Version 0.00 currently lacks an ending.


The game's Effects are used as equippable items that raise or lower stats as well as changing the main character's appearance.

Name Image Description
Plant TODO A flower sprouts from Dreamer's eye, giving them an alternate healing option outside of Fatigues. It is mandatory to pick up as it's given by the Balcony Flower, who blocks the way to the Nexus.
Computer TODO Dreamer's appearance changes to that of a TRON-like outfit. The Effect comes with a high power attack and a skill that heals MP, but it also cuts down on Maximum HP.
Hero TODO An Effect found in the house in the RPG Maker VX Ace World, given by Ralph, the default character of RPG Maker VX. The Effect raises defense and lowers offense. Currently lacks a facesprite.

Dreamer also comes with Dreamer as a separate skill class. As of version 0, the only skill is the one that allows the player to wake up (only usable outside of battle), though a Scan move is currently slated.


Version Date Announcement Download
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