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Nicolas' EffectsEdit


Enter the Hive. Enter the door at the bottom-left corner of the room. Enter the door at the end of the hallway. Go left onto the dock and drink the honey.


Enter Singho World. Go north-east and enter the building. Go right and enter the door. Go left and enter the first door you see. Enter the door to your left. Interact with the sword in the corpse.


Enter Halloween World. Go south-east and go between two wooden pillars. Go right and down and interact with the vampire.


Enter the Space Ship. Go left until you hit a wall then go south until you hit another wall. Go right a bit and down the next path. Follow the path as it goes left then go up as far as you can. Interact with the teleporter in the top room. From where you're teleported, go south-east and interact with the walking alien.

Scooter Edit

As soon as you enter the dream world, Nicolas's scooter is located below you in your room.

Eye Edit

Go to the Halloween world from the nexus, take a path down to the bottom right corner of your screen. Once there, interact with the table that has candy on it. You will appear in a very small graveyard, take the path up to the mansion and enter it. Walk straight to a piano and interact with it. Once you're in this looping candle area, go down until you see a candle with a blue flame and go right til you see the blue piano . Interact with that and you will be in the blue-version of the mansion, keep following the path upwards and you will enter a room that is mixed with blue and dark purple, take the hallway that's mixed with the blue side of this room.(enter the hallway path on the left side.) You will be in a semi-empty room with candles and a lonely mouse NPC. Interact with him to receieve the "Eye" dream.

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