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Dreams of Dead: Scary Wonderland
Title Screen of DoD
Latest Version

0.50 (Demo)


Djeck and the DoD-team


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Release Date

April 14, 2010


AyaDreamOfDeadSprite Aya (Айа)

Nexus Doors

There is no traditional Nexus in this game






Dreams of Dead: Scary Wonderland or DoD is a Russian Yume Nikki fangame. The current version of the game is a demo version, which the creators said they will remake in the future. DoD is an exploration adventure horror game with a few puzzles. It features some scary and dark themes, so the creators have rated this game as appropriate for age "14 years or older".


The game starts with a linear introduction scene. Once the introduction is over, Aya wakes up in a hospital room. Aya can save by using her roommate's diary, and she can sleep in the vacant bed to be transported to her Dream World. The Nexus has 4 different available dream worlds to explore from there.


You play as a girl named Aya (Айа) (Not to be confused with Aya from Hallucigenia), who wakes up in the hospital for unknown reasons. This game has "borrowed" various sound effects and graphics from Yume Nikki, including a Toriningen standing at a desk found in the beginning of one of the dreamworld. The rest of the game is composed of original graphics and music.


Effects are known in this game as "Items" or "Objects". This is a partial list of them.

- Knife (Нож) - Aya's weapon.

- Dream Seal (Печать снов) - equipping this effect will wake Aya up.

Download/External LinksEdit

Final Demo Version (0.50)Edit

Version 0.30

Hapless Soul - Soundtrack Album Download

Uboachan Post

Developer Blog


Gameplay VideosEdit

Dreams Of Dead Gameplay (This video is in Japanese)08:18

Dreams Of Dead Gameplay (This video is in Japanese)

Dreams Of Dead Gameplay 2 (This video is in Japanese)06:09

Dreams Of Dead Gameplay 2 (This video is in Japanese)

Unofficial TrailerEdit

Dreams of dead 1-st trailer00:43

Dreams of dead 1-st trailer.wmv

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