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"Dreamscaper is a Yume Nikki fangame starring Natalie, a young girl who locked herself in her room.

Unlike eastern fangames, Dreamscaper, however, will use, at most, only American references and styles. (For example, all characters have English/American names, save more a select few, whom have gibberish names)."

--Taken from Dreamscaper's Website


Dreamscaper plays like most fangames, where the focus is collecting effects and exploring Natalie's dream world. Natalie wakes up from her dream when the Shift key is pressed, and you save at her computer. Certain things may happen in the real world after waking up, including a few random events.


"Dreamscaper is about this one girl who, soon after locking herself away from society (no rumor's been proven, so no one really knows how/why), starts to have nightmares. Not at all "OMGSCARY" in Yume Nikki, (however there will be moments of trippyness) but simple life references presented with hidden meanings. Eventually Natalie, your protagonist, becomes an avid lucid dreamer, and learns that the only way to solve the puzzles of her dreams/nightmares is to collect the hidden effects strewn all around her inner psych. These effects are said to help her understand what her dreams are saying."

--Taken from Dreamscaper's Website


According to the Changelog file in ver.0.03, there are currently 15 effects to find in the game.

Name Image Description
Monochrome Scapeff14 Natalie becomes monochrome.
Headphones Scapeff5 Natalie wears large cyan headphones.
Axe Scapeff06 Natalie's colors change to a darker palette and she wields an axe that lets her kill NPCs.
8bit Scapeff07 Natalie becomes an 8bit version of herself.
Fireflies Scapeff13 Natalie becomes surrounded by fireflies which light up dark areas. She wears a bright green T-shirt with a white cross logo on it.
Shadow Scapeff11 Natalie turns into a black shadow.
Witch Scapeff04 Natalie becomes a green-skinned witch based on Madotsuki's witch effect sprite. She rides a broom and appears less skinny than usual, due to obtaining Madotsuki's body shape
Candu Scapeff12 Natalie becomes the colors of Candu Candy.
Jail Scapeff08 Natalie wears a prisoner's uniform and her hair changes color.
Artist Scapeff09 Natalie wears an artist outfit and gains blue skin and purple eyes.
Red Scapeff10 Natalie becomes pitch black with a red outline.
Cat ScapEff02 Natalie becomes a cat.
Mountain Dew Scapeff03 Natalie becomes a walking can of Mountain Dew.
Scuba Scapeff01 Natalie wears a scuba outfit.
Disco Scapeff15 Natalie wears a funky disco outfit with a red mask.
Dog Scapeff16 Natalie becomes a brown and white dog.


These are Natalie's alternative clothes she can wear in the real world and her dream world.

Name Image Description
Pink ScapNeff01 Natalie wears a pink T-shirt, violet pants, red shoes and a red hairtie. A dream only outfit.
Azure ScapNeff02 Natalie wears a blue T-shirt, black pants, green shoes and a green hairtie. Can be used both when awake and when asleep.
Nightgown ScapNeff03 Natalie wears her pink nightgown and walks barefoot. Can be used both when awake and when asleep.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version 0.03 Edit

Official Website (Frozen Website)

Known Bugs/GlitchesEdit

Taken from v0.03 Changelog (readme) file.

  • Sometimes after you continue your game, the saving music will still be playing. Simply fake-save or dream to turn it off.
  • When you wake up, your effect is automatically unequipped, although you may still have the "effect" running, as well as the faceset. Go back to sleep, and unequip it, then wake up again.
  • Fireflies effect only works in an already dark room.
  • Dog effect can only work in one place, and probably will only work if you have it on when you go into that area. You'll know when it works.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Dreamscaper - Yume Nikki Fangame11:03

Dreamscaper - Yume Nikki Fangame

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