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E Nikki (えにっき)
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0.15 (2015/8/31)






RPG Maker 2000

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November 8, 2013


HazukiSprite Hazuki (葉月)

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E Nikki (えにっき, Picture Diary) is a Yume Nikki fangame by Sharp (Pixiv). You take the role of a young boy named Hazuki (葉月) who like most fangames protagonists is unable to leave his room. He appears to be locked in his room.


Hazuki's dreams are rather light-hearted, with motifs hinting that he may be a young child. This is represented by simple math questions with one-digit numbers by or doodle-like scrolling background with many fruits on it. According to Hazuki's description in the game, he actually is a child.


You enter the dream world through Hazuki's bed and save your game through his desk. What makes this game different from most fangames is that you don't start from the Nexus and explore the main worlds. Rather than that the player starts from a random main world, and is forced to find a leaf to take them to the Nexus. The location is then linked to the leaf permanently, so you can visit it later.


Name Image Description
Cicada (せみ) EnEff01 Hazuki turns into a cicada that increases his speed. Press Shift makes him making noise.
Eraser (けしゴム) EnEff02 Hazuki turns into a green eraser with glowing red eyes. Press Shift brings him back to the Nexus.
Firefly (ほたる) EnEff03 Hazuki wears a firefly outfit. Press Shift will make some dark place bright.
Watermelon (すいか) EnEff04 Hazuki's head turns into a watermelon. Press Shift makes him to chop his head and drop red juice on the floor.
Swimsuit (みずぎ) EnEff05 Hazuki wears green swim trunks. Press Shift makes him do stretching exercise.
Tree (き) EnEff06 Hazuki turns into a tree. Press Shift makes his hand grow flowers.
Xylophone (もっきん) EnEff07 Hazuki carries a xylophone. Press Shift makes him play the xylophone.
Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット) EnEff08 Hazuki's head becomes a fruits basket. Press Shift makes him troll the basket on air.
Sunflower (ひまわり) EnEff09 Hazuki turns into a sunlower.
Straw Hat (むぎわらぼうし) EnEff10 Hazuki wears a straw hat.
Varicolored (いろいろとりどり) EnEff11 Hazuki's body turns varicolored. Press Shift makes the screen color change.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Angry Koishi Plays Picture Diary (えにっき, E Nikki)08:39

Angry Koishi Plays Picture Diary (えにっき, E Nikki)

Download / External LinkEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.15 August 31, 2015 Pixiv Japanese (reupload by author, includes bugfix)
Password: august
Ver.0.1 December 13, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Password: august
Ver.0.05+ March 3, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Password: august
Ver.0.0 November 8, 2013 Pixiv Japanese
Password: august

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