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Einsamkeit's actual title screen. Source
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Kirishima Megie
Chaos X


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3 charas dorks Harold/Sam/Kristen

Nexus Doors

1 (for 5 areas)


Harold - 8 (6+2)
Sam - 5 (3+2)
Kristen - 6 (4+2)


5 (estimated)


Einsamkeit (lit. "Loneliness" in German) is a future indie game mainly inspired of Yume Nikki by Kirishima Megie (visual artist) and Chaos X (music composer), they both share the role of scenarist. Made with RPG Maker VX Ace, this game is the main part for The Story of an Einsamkeit serie. It's also known to be the first french Yume Nikki fangame.

The project has been announced the September 28th 2015, but the release date is unknown.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike many fangames, Einsamkeit describes to have only a door for the whole Nexus.

You will be able to deform the plot, by the choices you will have to confront as Harold, the protagonist you're gonna play the most.

The effects in the game aren't obligatory to collect, however, there's a second category named "Ability" who is equivalent, but they're not collectible.

Einsamkeit, or the serie in general, might be christmas-themed with things related of galaxy, gemology, religion and to Y2K due of the era.

Plot Edit

Title screen

GIF version (previous title screen, the cursor is slightly different)

"Einsamkeit is a story-based RPG about a boy named Harold who just passed his 18th birthday. At the same day, a strange dreamreaper who seems to have known his deceased father tells him that his life as a dreamer will make him better and that he can try to cherish it. He will face by emotional and supernatural crisis about friendship, family, love, a lingering past and the forces of the unknown."

The game will be separated in 5 sort of chapters, which each of them will be focused in a specific character.

Effects Edit

Harold Edit

Category Name Image Description Icon
Effect Katana WIP Harold's main weapon.
Effect Orange
Orange chara
His head is replaced by an orange. WIP
Effect Harielle
Harielle chara
A genderbend effect. Cosmetic, but a bunch of NPCs can react about it. WIP
Effect Levitation N/A yet A speed effect which Harold can float. N/A yet
Effect Winter N/A yet Harold wears winter clothes, similar to Misuti's. N/A yet
Effect Miniature N/A yet Harold becomes way smaller, gives the ability to go through narrow paths. The sprite itself refers Madotsuki. N/A yet
Ability Battery N/A yet An ability similar of electrokinesis, Harold can generate electricity to objects as engines. N/A yet
Unknown Leviathan N/A yet Strangely, it's the only effect that can't be used through the menu. Use it carefully. N/A yet

Sam Edit

Category Name Image Description Icon
Effect Fire Axe N/A yet Sam's main weapon. He carries two fire axes which he can throw or break doors with. N/A yet
Effect Armor N/A yet Similar to an American football player's, it can protect from any kind of damage. N/A yet
Effect Sprint N/A yet Sam's speed effect, he becomes way faster than Harold using the Levitation effect. N/A yet
Ability Healing N/A yet Sam is able to relieve tons of physical injuries as aches, bruises and scars, but unable from major cases as dismemberment. This ability doesn't work on himself. N/A yet
Unknown Asmodeus N/A yet Strangely, it's the only effect that can't be used through the menu. Use it carefully. N/A yet

Kristen Edit

Category Name Image Description Icon
Effect Sniper rifle N/A yet Kristen's main weapon. N/A yet
Ability Telekinesis N/A yet Kristen has the ability to levitate objects by using her mind, she have to be relaxed for using it. N/A yet
Effect Chewing-gum N/A yet Kristen can make huge bubble gums, useful to breath underwater. N/A yet
Effect X-ray glasses N/A yet Kristen uses them to see what's through walls and various other things. (Fact: Kristen wore glasses in the past) N/A yet
Effect Danseuse Étoile N/A yet "Prima Ballerina" in french. Kristen wears a ballet dress, she can do great jumps with it. The dress is a reference of the animated movie "Anastasia". N/A yet
Unknown Lucifer N/A yet Strangely, it's the only effect that can't be used through the menu. Use it carefully. N/A yet

Characters Edit

Dreamers Edit

Name Image Description Icon
Teruaki N/A yet Deceased. Being the first dreamer of Einsamkeit, Teruaki is also known to be Harold's father and Selma's fiancee. N/A yet
Harold T. Lenti
Harold chara
The main protagonist of the game, Harold actually lives alone in his own house. He lived a normal life before his 18th birthday. His virtue is Kindness with Mango as symbolic color, like his sweater.
Sam A. Guerrero Verleon
Sam chara
Basically not a dreamer in the beginning, he's the kind of person who enjoys to have many friends around him. He's mentioned to have eyes way lighter than how they should realistically. His virtue is Chastity with Anise as symbolic color, just like his eyes. He's also platonically in love with Emma. N/A yet
Kristen Bastien
Kristen chara
An ex-dreamer. She's rather quiet and don't get much along with Sam. Her virtue is Humility with Mauve as symbolic color, like her outfit.

Real World Characters Edit

Name Image Description
Justine Delaunoy
Justine chara-0
Harold's neighboor. Described to have a wacky attitude, she's very close to him and Kristen and usually has a notable tendency to annoy Sam for fun when he bothers them. Justine also considers herself as a second mother for her two friends. Her virtue is Temperance with Scarlet Red as symbolic color, like her sleeves.
Emma Bianca
Emma chara
An animal lover. Despite her look, she's very sweet and gentle. Emma is also platonically in love with Sam, which discomforts Harold a lot. Her virtue is Patience with Sky Blue as symbolic color, like her eyes, as Sam.
Eden Gardner
Eden chara
A nonbinary character (but use he/him pronouns in french and spanish languages). They work as a waiter in a fancy restaurant and has a huge mistrusting in front of the two latino brothers, mostly Sam. Their virtue is Diligence with Orange as symbolic color, like their elastic hair. The name "Eden Gardner" is deformation of the Garden of Eden.
Cecilio Guerrero N/A yet Sam's big brother, his current status in the story is unknown. His virtue is Charity with Dark Blue as symbolic color.
Selma Lenti N/A yet Harold's mother. Selma always is worried for him because she don't wanna lose her son as she lost Teruaki.
Olivia LeMeur N/A yet Harold's history and litterature teacher in his High School. She seems to care about him.
Christine Bastien N/A yet Kristen's mother, speculated to be the youngest one in Einsamkeit. She has been mentioned for the first time in a post in devblog.

Dream World characters Edit

Name Image Description
Dreamreaper N/A yet He seems to have the ability to give dream powers to humans. His appareance is more similar of a Plague Doctor instead of a real reaper.
Misuti Akumu
Misuti chara faceless
A very tall man who might look scary, but acts litterally the opposite. He cares a lot about his daughter and has a dad-like relationship with almost everyone.
Heinrich Rosenwald
Heinrich chara-1
Possibly a major character in the game due of his name. He seems to have a rude and bitter personnality. He's also paranoid about people entering in his room for some reasons.
Harry Lenti
Harry chara
Harold's doppelganger, he's described to tender and peaceful, but might be also very anxious and weak. He's portrayed as Envy with Pink being his symbolic color, like his eyes. Oddly, he doesn't seem negative, for representing a Deadly Sin.
Colin chara
He has been revived and deformed by Misuti for experiments. But Colin doesn't understand the interest of his current life.
Tyulipa Akumu
Tyulipa chara
Misuti and Musoka's daughter. She's peppy and very compassionate.
Galalick chara
A floating robot admirated a lot by Tyulipa, she even considers them as a brother.
Musoka Tensho N/A yet Deceased. She was Misuti's wife, Tyulipa's mother and Korionna's daughter.
Korionna Tensho N/A yet Musoka's mother and Tyulipa's grandmother. Not much information, she's merely mentioned on the aesthetic playlists.
Sirrubus N/A yet The dream chasers on Einsamkeit, their name are a mix of "Mermaid/Merman" and "Succubus/Incubus" in German.
Komokid WIP Tyulipa's and Misuti's pet (Fact: it was originally a Fakemon created by Megie).
The Seven Deadly Sins N/A yet? We don't know their exact role and the origins of their existence yet. All the infos submitted are they look similar than the Seven Virtues characters from the Real World, which Harry is a member of them.

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