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Farewell ver.0.05+ Flowchart

Effects GuideEdit

Pony (ポニー)Edit

Go out from the Red Mansion and go into the alley, arrive to the Horse Farm and interact with the pony.

Black Uniform (くろふく)Edit

Go to the ground floor of the Red Mansion, go into the door that on the end of the hallway, you will see a boy with red hair named Rob in the room, interact with him will give you the black uniform.

Rifle (ライフル)Edit

Go to the Mad World, go down and avoid all the mad chaser (better with Black Uniform effect), find a rifle among the pins, interact with it gives you the rifle.

Lolita (ロリータ)Edit

Go to the Dress World and find a mannequin doll with a ribbon, interact with it gives you the Lolita effect.

Candle (ろうそく)Edit

Go to the Blue Mansion, if the manager isn't on the counter but goes cleaning up, you can find a candle drop under the broken window in the second room from the left, interact with it gives you Candle effect.

Bloodstained (ちまみれ)Edit

Go to the Blue Mansion, after you interact with Eek, the girl with blonde hair, in the Blue Mansion over 10 times, you will have the chance to get to the Blood World next time entering the Blue Mansion. Go trought the blood path with the green hair girls lined up and arrive to a wide place that has many NPCs you can kill, find a door which surrounded by those NPCs, use Rifle effect to make a way by killing them and enter the door, you will see a giant bloodstained Eek sitting on the floor, interact with her gives you Bloodstained effect and be forced to wake-up.

Gerbera (ガーベラ)Edit

Go to the Flower Garden and find a flower man, interact with him gives you Gerbera effect.

Colorful (カラフル)Edit

Go to the Underground and enter the right entrance to a room, interact with the wall at the end for three times will allow you to enter the Mall then find 2 colorful NPCs in a big machine place, interact one of them gives you Colorful effect.

Dice (サイコロ)Edit

Go to the Casino and find the gambler, interact with him gives you Dice effect.

Sheep (こひつじ)Edit

Go to the Sheep Farm and find a black wool, interact with it gives you Sheep effect.

Honey (はちみつ)Edit

To get the Honey effect, it is better to have Colorful or Mirror effect first. Go to the Hospital, equipping Colorful effect will make the walls have texture and one of the doors becoming red, using Mirror effect also shows the red door. Go in the red door there will have a secret passage appears on the right of the room that can lead you to the secret room, interact with the yellow lequid on the bed gives you Honey effect.

Mirror (かがみ)Edit

Sleep on Relic's bed in Relic's Dream Room will have a random chance enter a room with 3 doors, go into the center door to the Mirror Room, go straight up and interact with Relic's Painting gives you Mirror effect.

Bindweed (ヒルガオ)Edit

To get the Bindweed effect, you need to have 100 coins first. Go to the Station and buy the red button ticket, take on train and arrive to Japanese World, find a flower texture on the floor and warp to Bindweed Garden, walk til the end you will find a giant flower, interact with it gives you Bindweed effect.

Hair Knots (たてむすび)Edit

To get the Hair Knots effect, you need to have Twintail effect first. Go to the apartment and go into little Rob's Room, interact with him by using Twintail effect gives you Hair Knots effect.

Twintail (ふたつむすび)Edit

Go to the Sand Desert and find a rusty broken robot, go into the hole will lead you to Forest B, interact with the small girl (little Relic) gives you Twintail effect.

Adult (おとな)Edit

To get the Adult effect, you need to have 100 coins first. Go to the Station and buy the green button ticket, take on train and arrive to Water Plant world, find and interact with a two leaf clover warps you to the land that have two pillar, go between the pillar will lead you to a Greek Temple, interact with the light on the table gives you Adult effect.

Fur (ファー)Edit

Go to the Snow World and enter a log house with a small creature like a fox in there, interact with it gives you Fur effect.

Dagger (ダガー)Edit

Go to the Purple Hell and find a dagger on the floor, interact with it gives you Dagger effect.

Statue (ちょうこく)Edit

To get the Statue effect, you need to have Bindweed effect first. Go to the Forest B and go straight up, there has a Ice Mansion that the entrance is burning, using Bindweed effect to call for rain makes it extinct, then enter the Ice Mansion and go up stair, enter the big hall and interact with the table gives you Statue effect.

Violin (バイオリン)Edit

To get the Violin effect, you need to have 100 coins first. Go to the Station and buy the blue button ticket, take on train and arrive to Neon World, find a gate leads you to the island, go into the pipe to the Ocean Floor, go between the stones that arranged like a cross will lead you to violin, interact with it gives you Violin effect.

Duct Tape (ダクトテープ)Edit

Go to the Factory and go into the second door from left, interact with the chair stick with duct tape gives you Duct Tape effect.

Flowers GuideEdit

Each time you interact with the flowers they will disappear and the effects list will appear a blank space with number count.

Cave FlowerEdit

Go to the Forest A and enter a big hole (better with Candle effect), you will come to a cave with lots of moles, go to the end you can find a big white flower on the wall.

Red FlowerEdit

Go to the Purple Hell you can find a red flower.

Neon FlowerEdit

Go to the Dark Hall and go to the left exit, you will come to the Urban City, get into the building side and find a door to the Disco, the neon flower is on the center.

River FlowerEdit

Go to the Japanese World by taking train and enter a Japanese House that leads you to Timeless Garden, go left or right until you reach a room that has table with a cube head NPC, open the center door and go out to the realistic river scenary, walk to the end you will see the river flower.


The switch

Blue FlowerEdit

Go to the second floor of the Graystone Building, go through all the stone to the up-right which has a switch there (if you use the Mirror effect), after pushed the switch, back to the elevator will transport you to the space (after you got the Dice effect), the blue flower can be found in this area.

Snow FlowerEdit

Go to the Snow World and find the snow flower.

Market FlowerEdit

Go to the Market, interact with the flower seller and use 300 coins to buy the flower.

Sweet FlowerEdit

Go to the Sweet World, use Sheep effect go into ice-cream houses, find a house that has a vase of flower and use Honey effect to ettract the NPC which block the way, then interact with the flower.

Sea FlowerEdit

Go to the Ocean Floor and find a white flower behind the stones.

Endings GuideEdit

You can enter the Effects Dropping Room by interact with the first painting from the right in Red Mansion 3rd floor's hallway. Drop all 21 effects into the boxes and put 9 flowers into the vase, then wake up, interact with the closet you will get the rifle, then interact with the door will get you to the endings.


Ending 1Edit

Just only complete the effects and flowers section.


[Relic still doesn't want to go out from her room, then she commits suicide by using rifle.]




Ending 2 Edit

To achieve Ending 2, you must use the Gerbera effect to Eek who sitting at the bench in the park (after interact with Eek at the Eek Secret Place and have the 9 flowers with you).


[Relic can go out from her room now, but she meets Rob at the end of 3rd floor hallway, then Relic shoot him by using rifle, after that her name changes to "ciler" in the option, later go to the big door in ground floor that hard to open in the dream, Relic enters the big door and the end.]




Ending 3 Edit

To achieve Ending 3,

  1. You must use the Gerbera effect to Eek who sitting at the bench in the park.
  2. Interact with Rob more than 100 times in the dream (Rob mostly appears at Red Mansion, Mad World and Apartment, if interact with Rob that randomly appears at the bridge gives you +5 times).


[Relic meets Rob at the hallway, they go into the big door together, then Relic caries Rob that injured out from the door and the end.]


Ending 4Edit

To achieve Ending 4,

  1. You must use the Gerbera effect to Eek who sitting at the bench in the park.
  2. Interact with Rob more than 100 times in the dream.
  3. Go into Monster World from Lucid Dream and arrive to a place that have monsters block the way (after getting 20 effects above), but do nothing.


[Relic meets Rob at the hallway, then they shoot each other and the end.]


Ending 5Edit

To achieve Ending 5,

  1. You must use the Gerbera effect to Eek who sitting at the bench in the park.
  2. Interact with Rob more than 100 times in the dream.
  3. Go into Monster World from Lucid Dream and arrive to a place that have monsters block the way, kill all 3 of them by using rifle (each monster needs to beat more than 50 times), then enter the last door.


[Relic meets Rob at the hallway, they go into the big door together then come out safely, after that Relic throws her rifle and Rob throws his hat and runaway together, which is the Good End.]



Paintings in Red Mansion 3rd FloorEdit

Go out from Relic's room, there have 7 paintings on the wall in the hallway. The first painting from the right shows a door that will lead you to the effect dropping room. The second painting that shows a fountain will lead you to the Fountain. The 4th painting shows the bench in the park, after meeting the event of  Eek Secret Place, Eek will appear in that painting. The 6th painting will stare to Relic in some time. The 7th painting shows the bridge, when Rob appears in that painting, that means he is also at the Bridge.

Big Door in Red Mansion Ground FloorEdit

There has a big door in Red Mansion Ground Floor, some time interact with it will show a bloodly horror face and Relic will be forced to wake-up.


If you are equipping Hair Knot effect around Rob, he will try to avoid from you.


The chasers usually appear in Red Mansion, Mad World, Colorful Brick Path, Sheep Farm, Factory, Wooden Path and Purple Hell. They wear black uniform, and have blue hair. If the mad chasers caught Relic, she will be sent back to her room. Using Mirror effect will make the normal chasers in Red Mansion shows their real form, using Black Uniform effect will make the mad chasers back to their normal form.

Bed EventEdit

Going to the bed in dream room will have a chance enter the lucid dream that have 3 doors in a room. Going to the right door takes you to the Memory Garden where little Relic and Eek watching the sky together. Going to the center door lead you to the Mirror Room. To enter the left door you must have 20 effect above, you will come to a place that has many green creatures you can kill, go into the mouth of a big green face, there will have monsters in 3 rooms blocking the way, kill all of them and open the last door leads to outside of the Red Mansion.


Unlike other fangames, Relic can't obtain the money by killing NPCs. So you must go to the Cave or Rubbish Hall, interact to the mud or the rubbish which randomly give you 100 coins each time.


Secret Passage

Eek Secret Place & The Bench Edit

There has a secret passage in the Flower Garden (in the right picture) that leads you to the Eek Secret Place, Eek with white dress will be in the flower field carries a garland, interact with her by using Gerbera effect she will put the garland on Relic's head. After meeting Eek in that place, she will always appear in the bench of the park, use Gerbera effect with the 9 flowers to Eek, Relic will put a garland on Eek's head, then Eek will not appear again in Relic's dream. If you brandishing the weapon (rifle or dagger) in front Eek (including in the Blue Mansion), she will look curious.

Ruin City's Day and NightEdit

There has a day and night change in Ruin City when you go upper to the beach and watch the sky, the bar only opens at night. Go into the bar you can see the bartender on the counter, if Relic doesn't have enough money or not equipping Adult effect and interact the sit, the bartender will despite Relic. Equipping Adult effect and buy a beer that cost 200 coins, Relic will become drunk and doesn't want to drink again.

Blue Mansion EventEdit

Some time go into the Blue Mansion the manager will stay in the counter, the doors in the ground floor will be locked, and interact with her she will bow to you. If the manger didn't stay in the counter and gone to second floor to clean up, the doors in the ground will open and you can find the Candle effect in the second room from left. Interact with Eek in the 3rd floor last room more then 10 times (entering the room and interacting with Eek repeatedly), next time go into the Blue Mansion door will lead you to Blood World. After you got the Bloodstained effect, you will be forced to wake-up, and going to the garden of the Blue Mansion you can find another Relic lies on a puddle of blood. After that repeating the same action will lead you to Blood World that has lots of bloodstained green hair girls chasing you. If they caught Relic, she will be locked into an infinitive cage. After you completed the event of Eek's garland, Eek will disappear from Blue Mansion.


There are 2 elevator that guarded by 2 bunny securities in Graystone Building and Casino, after you got the Dise effect the securities will let you use the elevator. If you are equipping weapon effects and interact with them you will be expelled to the entrance of Graystone Building or Casino, you also can't enter the Casino. After you pushed the switch in Graystone Building the elevator will send you to the Space. Pushed the switch also connects the Graystone Building & the Street.


After you get the Dice effect, you can gamble to guess the dice point with the gambler with 100 coins each time.


Relic wears black Lolita dress

Market Edit

There have 3 market sellers in the Market: interact with the flower head seller to buy flowers that cost 300 coins to wear on Relic's hair after you bought the Market Flower, interact with the dark skin woman to buy the black Lolita dress that cost 300 coins, interact with the white tentacle to buy a pink creature that cost 500 coins which will follow you behind. If you don't have enough money, the sellers will despise you.


Some time there have many NPCs (Nato?) lined up in front the theatre entrance, and some time don't. Enter the theatre will have 2 types of shows on going or no show. If Relic using Lolita effect and spin when the white NPCs are on stage, they will spin with her together.


Undressed Relic

Mall Edit

Go to the right of the Underground Passage, you need to interact 3 times to the left of the wall to enter the Mall. When you are equipping Colorful effect the 2 NPCs that give you that effect will change their appearance. Go to a place with 4 machines in the Mall, interact with them until the screens of machines become red, then the NPCs who give you Colorful effect will start chasing you, if they got Relic will send her to the pink color pool that can't access from the Mall with her blue dress undressed. Go down to the exit and interact with the NPCs on the counter will set you free.


Interact with the counter in the Station will appear 3 button on screen, choose one of them will cost 100 coins and the train outside of the Station will stop and go into the train will send you one-way to another place. Choose red button will send you to Timeless Garden, choose green button will send you to Water Plant World, and choose blue button will send you to Neon World.

Blue Sky TempleEdit

There has a random chance that the temple where you get the Adult effect turns into Blue Sky Temple when you entering from the 2 pillars in Water Plant World, go into the temple and using Mirror effect will make Relic with white dress appears on the top of the hall.

Dark Red WorldEdit

Interact with a 6 leaves clover in Water Plants World sends you to the land that lead you to Dark Purple World, then go into the door and arrive to Dark Red World, there has a zip pants monster that will chase Relic. When Relic be caught by the monster, the monster will use its tentacle from the zip to eat Relic's hair. Then Relic's face becomes dark and be forced to wake-up.

Japanese Tea TimeEdit

Go to Timeless Garden and interact with the cube head NPC before going out to the realistic scene, you will start a tea time with him.


Relic in bumper car

Neon World Bumper Car Edit

Use 200 coins to buy a bumper car from the game counter will make Relic drives a bumper car in Neon World. It can make some special sound effect when it steps on the texture on the floor.

Urban City's Night ViewEdit

Go into a black gate in the Urban City can lead you to a night view same as the window view from Apartment. There has a random chance that a NPC appears and interact with it leads you to Apartment.

Disco CounterEdit

There is a chaser in the counter before entering the Disco, interact with him changes the menu. There have 3 types of menu.

Art Gallery's wallsEdit

The walls' color change randomly each time you enter the Art Gallery, causes the one-way connection of the empty painting keeps changing. When the walls are pink, interact with the empty painting will lead you to Dress World; when the walls are yellow, it will lead you to Underground Passage; when the walls are blue, it will lead you to Sand Desert or a low chance to the Beach.

Sand Desert RobotEdit

There has a rusty robot that leads you to Forest B in Sand Desert, using Mirror effect in front of it will appear a strange thing.

Ancient DungeonEdit

Go into the Ancient Dungeon in Sand Desert, there has a place that shows full screen animation like the Aztec Rave Monkey .

Art HallwayEdit

Equipping Colorful effect will make the paintings in Art Hallway change. Using Mirror effect will make an arrow that shows the secret way to the Rubbish Hall appear.

Frozen Doors in Ice MansionEdit

There has 4 doors that are frozen in Ice Mansion, they can only open by using Candle effect, one of the doors will lead you one-way to the little Rob's room in the Apartment.

Angel EventEdit

Using Mirror effect will make the angel appears on the air in the hall where you get the Statue effect in Ice Mansion. Using Rifle effect will make her looks sad. Using Bloodstained effect will make her looks angry. The angel probably is the one who gives Relic the Statue effect.

Log House FireplaceEdit

You can use Candle effect to light up the fireplace in Snow World's Log House, after that you can see the smoke from the chimney when you go out of the log house.

Ss-pony fur

Relic rides the white horse

Pegasus Event Edit

You can use Fur effect mix with Pony effect in Snow World, Relic will ride a large white horse and become faster. Ride to the end between the wood some where in the Snow World and go through a gate will start the Pegasus event - Relic rides a Pegasus in the air.

Bridge EventEdit

There has a random chance that Rob appears at the Bridge, interact with him will make Relic and Rob sitting at the bridge and watch the scene together. After you interacted with rob more than 100 times in dream, Relic will sit close to Rob.

Space EventEdit

Pushed the switch and go into the elevator will lead you to the Space with some pink creatures live there. If you brought the pink creature from the Market to this place and go back to the elevator, the pink creature will leave you and back to its group. Going to the power field with 2 sticks lead you to the place that have blue flower, on the top there have 2 sticks which randomly open and lead you to the Control Room in the Street, if you watch the moon sky from the Street and there has a UFO, that means it is connectable between the Control Room and the Space.

Chaos Square WorldEdit

There is an event after you got the rifle that randomly changes the Square World into chaos and be forced to wake-up.

Gate in Mad WorldEdit

There has a gate that can't directly open in Mad World, except when you are equipping the Statue effect.

Purple Hell's BloodstainsEdit

If you use Mirror effect from the entrances of Purple Hell, there will appear full of bloodstains leading you to the Dagger effect, and there will have Bloodstained Relic appearing on the place where you got the Dagger effect.

Locked Room in FactoryEdit

There has a room that is locked in the Factory and can only be entered from Block World by using Sheep effect. Using Mirror effect will make the white dress ladies appear.

Secret Room in FactoryEdit

There has a secret room in the place where you get the Duct Tape effect in the Factory. Using Mirror effect will make the secret door appear.

Waking-up MotionEdit

The creator had put in some effort of the waking-up motion in certain effects and some status. It's recommended to give a try for waking-up when you are equipping those effects.


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