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December 16, 2012


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Fleshchild is an inspired Yume Nikki Fangame by Bleet.

The game stars Vis, a "fleshchild". (After getting the female or male brain, Vis becomes either Visi or Vice respectively.) You explore and collect effects and items to further mutate Vis and please Visceriph (Also known as Fleshmother or the "big eye thing") .

As of January 2018, this fangame has been cancelled.


You explore the world and can save at "Fleshflowers"(flesh that looks like a flower/plant.)

The main objective of the game is finding body parts for Vis to absorb, and collecting effects.

After exploring the real world and finding a body part, Fleshmother will call for you to return to the nexus, and you can dream about the day.

Pressing SHIFT allows you to be in Puddle form, a flattened version of Vis that can sneak under doors.

The game focuses on more linear exploration and puzzle-solving, usually finding an item/tool to unlock a new area or get another item.

After exploring the real world, you return to the nexus and dream in a flesh orb. Once you leave a dream, you cannot return, so it is advised to thoroughly explore each dream before leaving.


The game starts off with Vis sleeping and Fleshmother watching over them. Fleshmother tells Vis that it is time for them to grow, and Vis breaks free of their "growth polyp" to begin the process.

After gaining a brain and being able to read human language, you find out about multiple missing people with their body parts mutilated, possibly meaning there are other fleshchildren seeking body parts.

The game is still in a very early stage, so not much else is known about the plot.

Items/Effects (Mutations)Edit

Items can only be collected in the real world, and Mutations can only be collected in the dream world. Also, items can only be used in the real world, while Mutations can only be used in the dream world.


  • S.Sciences Keycard - "An object that unlocks red-light doors."
  • M.Human Brain - "A male human brain" -Mutates Vis into Vice and allows him to read.
  • F.Human Brain - "A female human brain" -Mutates Vis into Visi and allows her to read.
    • You only get the choice of one brain.
  • W. Apartments Keyring
    • If female - "A keyring to apartments 205, 208 and 107"
    • If male - "A keyring to apartments 205, 208 and 302"
  • Scalpel - "A small sharp tool found in Sitismos Sciences" -Used to cut open objects
  • Teddy Bear Key
    • If female - "Found inside a teddy bear. Goes to apartment 102."
    • If male - "Found inside a toy bear. Goes to apartment 308."
  • Meat Cleaver - "Professional chef-grade chopping implement"


Name Image (Vice) Image (Visi) Description
Automaton FleshEff02b FleshEff02a Visi/Vice becomes a robot, allowing them to interact with robots. Pressing Shift makes them lift their shirt to reveal a glowing heart on their torso.
Conjoined FleshEff03b FleshEff03a A growth of another smaller fleshchild attaches to Visi/Vice, influencing some dream NPCs' behaviors. Pressing Shift makes the smaller fleshchild stretch (Visi will give hers a high five).
Doll FleshEff01b FleshEff01a Visi/Vice dresses up in a doll-like outfit with pale white skin and segmented joints ((Vice gaining a glass eye). Pressing Shift makes them bow, Visi lifting her dress and Vice taking off his top hat.
Faceless FleshEff04b FleshEff04a Visi/Vice's face disappears, forming a dark shadow with a smile. Pressing Shift makes them appear to laugh. Pressing Shift enough times makes blood pour from their head and cover their face.
Satyr FleshEff06b FleshEff06a Visi/Vice becomes a satyr, increasing their speed. 
Mutilation FleshEff05b FleshEff05a Visi/Vice's body appears mutilated. Pressing Shift makes them throw up blood.


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March 16, 2015

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May 29, 2013

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October 16, 2012

Tumblr Deleted

Glitches/Technical DifficultiesEdit

  • If the game crashes on startup asking for a Vehicle file, install the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.
  • There is a way to sprint while in Puddle Form. While sprinting, read any kind of book or note, and then switch to Puddle form.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Fleshchild - Visi - Part 1

Fleshchild - Visi - Part 1