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Fushichou no Yume (不死鳥の夢)
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9 (Codename "Isaku")


Dario, Kromen Games/Kuromen Games




RPG Maker XP

Release Date

September 12, 2010


Tumblr m7avnoVWN31r5mm53 Cap Boy

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6 (+ 1)


5 (4 + 1 Bad)


Phoenix Dream (不死鳥の夢 , Fushichou no Yume; Dream of Phoenix; PD) is a Yume Nikki and Witoru/Neta Dream (うぃとる) fangame made by Dario made in RPG Maker XP. It stars Cap Boy, who seems to be part phoenix.


Phoenix Dream's playing style is similar to Witoru/Neta Dream (うぃとる), it involves dialogue and puzzles. There appear to be multiple endings, and Phoenix Dream also seems to be a parody of Yume Nikki fangames.

You start off in Cap Boy's room which (like in many other fangames) contains a bed for entering his dreams, a balcony, a desk and a PC. The later has multiple purposes such as saving your game, playing a minigame, buying items, changing menu skins and listening to the game's soundtrack.The balcony in PD has an unusual feature - a gap in the fence in the same place where Madotsuki's ladder was in the ending of Yume Nikki. Since Cap Boy has wings, you can trigger a flying event (even when he's awake) by approaching the gap.

A door to the debug room appears if you interact with the wall next to the door in Cap Boy's room. The door appears on the left of the PC. In the debug room you can buy items, buy effects, meet some characters, read developer's notes and trigger the endings. This game also has achievements in the form of medals stored in a book that appears in the real room after you find at least one. PD also has turn-based battles.


For some reason Cap Boy is not able to exit his room because the door appears to be locked, although he can leave his apartment by flying off his balcony.

In his dreams Cap Boy meets lots of different characters with whom he can have short dialogues. Some of the minor characters in PD are hostile and rude, while others are merely amusing and harmless. Small orange creatures give you medals; different types of small objects and NPCs will give you effects, while others will sell you various items.

A sub character (and occasionally your enemy if you forget to call him by his name) - a boy named Yamao (山尾) stars in a fangame of his own, Yamao-den (山尾伝), which was also made by Dario.


Name Image Description
Human (ヒューマン) PhoEff01 Cap Boy loses his wings and becomes a human.
Promotion (しょうかく) PhoEff06 Cap Boy gains a pair of luminous antennae.
Buggy (バギー) PhoEff05 Cap Boy rides a buggy that doubles his speed.
Burnt Black (くろこげ) PhoEff02 Cap Boy is burnt black.
Power Saw (電ノコ) PhoEff04 Cap Boy has a yellow power saw.
Weird Glasses (変なメガネ) PhoEff03 Cap Boy wears a pair of strange-looking glasses with stripes and different-colored lenses.
Advanced Buggy (アドバンスドバギー) PhoEff07 A debug room only effect. Cap Boy's color palette changes slightly and he rides a buggy that enhances his speed even more than the regular Buggy effect.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver 9 Japanese


ver ∞ December 1, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
ver 7

Codename Fujio

July 17, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
ver 60

Codename (六零) Ebizo

July 15, 2013 Pixiv Japanese
ver VV July 15, 2012 Pixiv Japanese
ver V

Codename Chosuke

January 28, 2012 Pixiv Japanese

Gameplay VideoEdit

不死鳥の夢 海底イベント04:34

不死鳥の夢 海底イベント

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