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Hallucigenia (ハルキゲニア)
Hallucigenia's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.008 (2012/01/15)


Trendy-Sabamiso (トレンディ鯖味噌)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

March 29, 2010


HallucigeniaSprites Aya , Aine

Nexus Doors

Aya - 4
Aine - 4


Aya - 14
Aine - 10


Aya - 1
Aine - 2


Hallucigenia (ハルキゲニア) is a fangame by Trendy-Sabamiso (トレンディ鯖味噌) (Pixiv), one of the co-creators of Yume 2kki (ゆめ2っき). It stars two young girls named Aya (あや) and Aine (あいね). Its current version is 0.008.


You start out playing as Aya in a mostly barren room and access the dream world through a black book on Aya's bed, Aya then takes a different form in the dream world where you can explore.

Additionally, you also have an unlockable character called Aine,  unlocked as a playable character after completing the task. Aine's dream world has many of similarities with Aya's dream world, but in grayscale because of her colorblindness.

Unlike most of the fangames, the game doesn't have any background music, and has only 8 sound effects.

You can do some actions with certain effects by long pressing the Z key.


Aya enters her dream world from the black book on her bed. When in the dreamworld you are still Aya, but her appearance differs. It is possible Aya wishes to become this dream Aya.

Aine enters her dream world by sleeping on the bed. She lost her right arm, and she is also colorblind that she sees things in grayscale, either in reality or the dream world.


Aya's EffectsEdit

Pressing the action button when Aya in normal form makes her body distort.HallEff07

Name Image Description
Switch (スイッチ)
Aya has a switch on her head. Her eye changes color depending on what way it is switched.
Slithering / Zuruzuru (ずるずる) HallEff12 Aya has something pink slithering behind her as she walks.
Scythe (かま) HallEff06 Aya carries a scythe. It makes her able to kill most of the NPC's by interacting with them.
Dune / Sand Hill (すなやま) HallEff05 Aya's body wrapped by a sand hill. Pressing the action button makes her tuck the head inside and return to the nexus.
Wheel (しゃりん) HallEff01 Aya attaches a single wheel in the middle of her body. Pressing the action button to make her body splits and deploys the wheel, which doubles Aya's speed. Pressing the action button again makes her retract the wheel into the body.
Mask (かめん) HallEff13 Aya wears a black mask with an eye on it. Pressing the action button makes the eye change its color.
Gun (じゅう) HallEff10 Aya carries a rifle on her back. It makes her able to kill most of the NPC's by interacting with them.

Half (はんぶん)

HallEff09 Half of Aya's body has disappeared, which allows to enter some places with a narrow entrance. Pressing the action button makes her change into another side of the body.
Rocks / Stones (いしころ) HallEff07-1 Aya turns into a couple of rocks, which gives her stealth from chasers, but she cannot move.
Three-legged (さんぼんあし) HallEff11-1 Aya has three legs.
Manhole (マンホール) HallEff08 Aya puts a manhole cover on head. Pressing the action button makes her dive underground which gives her stealth from chasers, but not invulnerability; and also allows her to pass through entrances with a low gap while diving.
ASCII Art (アスキーアート) HallEff14 Black Aya is drawn in ASCII art. Pressing the action button makes the upper part of the string displace, and she tidies it up promptly.
Sliced (わぎり) HallEff02 Aya is sliced into 5 parts, which move around as she walks. Strangely enough, being sliced does not seem to cause her any harm. Pressing the action button makes her drop the pieces down on top each other.
Bed Hair (てんねんパーマ) HallEff03 Aya's hair looks messy. Pressing the action button makes her try to straighten it, but it goes back to its previous form.

Aya's Colors Edit

These were Aya's effects before version 0.006. In version 0.004, the effects have no button actions and the Blue effect looked different. But in version 0.005a, there's an effect action button in the Items menu. All of Aya's sprites have no eyes in these versions, but there's a hidden patch in the GameOver folder that gives her sprites eyes.

Name Image Description
Red (あか)
Aya becomes a red and black-cloaked person with an explosion/flowers(?) for a head. Pressing the action button shrinks and grows the explosion/flowers. Used to kill NPCs.
Orange (オレンジ)
Aya becomes a cat-eared brunette wearing orange clothes. Pressing the action button makes her dance.
Yellow (きいろ)
Aya becomes a "human lightbulb". Pressing the action button toggles the "light" on or off.
Yellow-Green (きみどり)
Aya becomes a walking green onion. Can walk into some secret areas. Pressing the action button does nothing.
Green (みどり)
Aya becomes a green blob. Pressing the action button lights up the red eyes(?).
Blue (あお)
Aya becomes a blue popsicle. She cannot move in this form. Pressing the action button does nothing.
Aqua (みずいろ)
Aya's head becomes a fishbowl with fish inside. Pressing the action button rots away the fish and sends her back to the nexus.
Indigo (あいいろ)
Aya looks like the doll (named "Rusia" according to the game files) from the Circus in the Cursed Maze. Pressing the action button makes it snow. Can also stop chasers in place.
Purple (むらさき)
Aya looks like the figure seen in the endgame, except purple. She walks backwards and the action button can switch her from walking backwards to forwards.
Pink (ピンク)
Aya wears pink clothes and has pink hair with a ponytail. Pressing the action button makes her do some hand motions.
Black (くろ)
Aya becomes a person with a mask. Pressing the action button summons rain.
Ocher (おうどいろ)
Aya becomes a drill. Pressing the action button does nothing.
Brown (ちゃいろ)
Aya becomes a brown beetle. Her speed effect. Pressing the action button does nothing.

Aine's EffectsEdit

Pressing the action button when Aine is in her normal form makes her look at her lost right arm.

Name Image Description
Cowboy (カウボーイ) HallEff20 Aine is dressed up as a cowboy. Pressing the action button warps her back to the nexus.
Kappa (かっぱ) HallEff17

Aine wears a raincoat. Equipping this effect will make it start raining.

Singer (かしゅ) HallEff21 Aine holds a microphone in her hand. Pressing the action button makes a simple chime sound with a music note floating out.
Mass (かたまり) HallEff24 Aine's head changes into mass.
Light (かろやか) HallEff23 Aine is floating in the air. It increases her speed.
Monster (かいぶつ) HallEff16 Aine turns into a monster. It can be used to vanish most of the NPCs with a strange sound and full of Aine's blobs on the screen by interacting with them.
Mosquito (か) HallEff15 Aine becomes a mosquito. It allows Aine to enter smaller places.
Flower Bed (かだん) HallEff19 Aine's head is a flower bed with a single flower in the center. Pressing the action button makes her body dive underground and gives her stealth from the chasers, but she cannot move.
Common Cold (かぜ) HallEff22 Aine becomes sick with the common cold. Pressing the action button makes her swing the thermometer with her mouth.
Turtle (かめ) HallEff18 Aine has a turtle's shell on her back. It halves her speed

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.008 January 15, 2012 Pixiv Japanese (Part1)
Japanese (Part2)

(Taken from alternative official website)
Ver.0.006 December 12, 2010 Japanese
Ver.0.005a July 4, 2010 Japanese
Ver.0.004 May 4, 2010 Japanese


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.008 English Translated by HimeNikki.
Remade on April 14, 2014.
PLEASE REDOWNLOAD if you had the earlier version.

Gameplay Video (Version 0.008)Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- Hallucigenia08:23

Yume Nikki fangames- Hallucigenia

Gameplay of Hallucigenia (Version 0.008)

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