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Kodama's EffectsEdit


Enter the top-left door. Go straight down until you see a featureless NPC standing to your right. Interact with them. Leave the room you're teleported to. Go right and up the stairs. Keep going up the stairs until you reach a room full of beds. Go left, up and enter the door. Go down the hallway and sleep in the bed. Wait for the screen to fade to black and you will get the effect.

Japanese SwordEdit

Enter the bottom-left door. Go right from the door and then go down past an NPC lying on the ground. You should see a sword in the ground beside you. Interact with it.

Ear Covers and MufflerEdit

Enter the top-left door. Head down until you reach a streetlamp with a light glowing to your left. Go right until you see a red sign. Interact with it and go right to a snowy sea world.

Go down until you're right beside a tilted rectangular rock. Turn left to reach a patch of land with a stone on it then go south past another stone. This should bring you to a symettrical island of sorts with an invisible NPC wearing a scarf on it (if not wander around the island a little bit, they typically spawn on/near it). Interact with them to get the effect.


Enter the door at the very bottom. Go south from the door. A gray building will soon appear down the left side of your screen. Go right when the right side of the building becomes fully visible on your screen. Interact with the mask on the ground that is near another gray building.


Enter the top-right door. Go south-east into the middle of a cluster of large gray boards. Interact with the three-eyed NPC.

Lantern / ChouchinEdit

Enter the bottom-right door. Head down until you reach a large tree. Go right and enter the door you see above you. In the maze area go: Right, Down, Left a bit, Down again, Right, Down and Left. This should bring you to a building with a stair-shaped roof and a doorway between two windows. Enter the doorway, go right and interact with the NPC.

White ClothingEdit

Enter the bottom-left door. Go south from the door until you reach an NPC lying on the ground. Go right from them until you reach an NPC wearing a red cloak. Go down and enter the stairway. Follow the stairs which will take you to a sort of forest. Go south-east and take the bottom right pathway. Head down and enter the white building. Interact with the NPC that is not moving.

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