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Harold T. Lenti
Harold final artwork
2016 artwork of Harold in 2001. (by Megie) Source
Harold charas

A common english name ("The general of a powerful army" in Scandinavian)


18 (2001)
14 (1997)


Male (default)
Female (Harielle effect)


Black (lighter than Sam)


Reality: Midnight blue
Dream: Mango yellow


A simple mango turtleneck sweater, also wear a black tank-top inside

Overview Edit

Harold is the central protagonist of Einsamkeit.

Appearance Edit


Earliest sprite of Harold

He was born the 9th December 1983 (estimated age in nowdays: 33), his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, having french and japanese as nationalities from respectively his mother and father. He has also germanic ancesters from his maternal side.

Male appareance Edit

Harold is known (with his doppleganger, Harry) to be the shortest character portrayed as male (5'4 aka 167 cm), also being quite shaped like a pre-teen, he was diagnosed to have a delayed puberty. Harold can be easily recognized by his mango sweater, he also wears a black tank-top below it, blue slim jeans, coral socks and grey comfortable sneakers.

Female appareance Edit

When Harold uses the Harielle effect (being the official name of the alternative form), he's protrayed as a female character and uses she/her pronouns in this appareance.

Harielle is shorter than Harold, even than Kristen (5'2" aka 161 cm), as the male counterpart she looks very young for her current age. Her hair is longer, she wears a mango sweater with a blue skirt with straps, red leggings with grey shoes.

Personality Edit

Harold is portrayed to be stoic, silent and tough, however, he's hiding to be gentle and loyal, feeling a huge respect for people who are towards him. He's introverted, can be considered "hikikomori" but Harold can easily go outside whenever he wants.

It's also shown that Harold feels a hate about romance and everything related, notable when he's around Sam and Emma, being a canon couple in the beginning.

His virtue is Kindness, seen as a Mango-Yellow diamond.

Past Edit

Before the beginning of the story, Harold was born and grew up with only his mother, Selma. He never saw any pics of his father, which he ask himself about his appareance, his personnality... His father died at 24, while Selma was pregnant of her first child, at 26.

Relationship Edit

Sam Edit

Harold and Sam have both a very close friendship, being his only male friend. They both care and have fun each other, despite some stupid fights. Sam always expressed a huge loyalty for him and attempted to fix problems.

Kristen Edit

Kristen seems a bit distant and cold, but with the time, she will start to have some interests and approach towards him.

Family Edit

In 2001, Harold lives alone, having his own house (decipted by the few screencaps). He lived with his mom, Selma Lenti, which he has a certain hatred, she usually compares him with Teruaki, his father. It's also said he has an aunt and a cousin in Germany. Source

Trivia Edit

The character Edit

  • Harold's color scheme is similar of the character Amanda from "Sanity Not Included", who was designed once to have a yellow shirt, a black one inside, blue pants and mid-long hair. The fact the character is female might be a reference to the Harielle effect.
    • In the same show, the character Dexter Gilligan had a similar design of Sam.
  • Megie revealed that Harold has possibly SPD, the mental disorder is characterized by a lack of interests for people and being apathetic. Source
    • It contradicts the meaning of the Virtue of Kindness.

      Amanda from Sanity Not Included (featuring Dexter)

The symbols Edit

DiamondRound Yellow-HPHT-SI1 1.00ct

A yellow diamond in real life, close of Harold's.

The diamond Edit

  • Yellow is one of the most common color of any diamonds and used by several celebrities.
  • Yellow diamonds can be used in sanitary system to regenerate cellular dynamism for protecting the airway and relieving the stomach aches.
  • The color is caused by nitrogen.

The colour Edit

  • Yellow represents the sun and joy.
    • In chinese philosophy, Yang can represents the sun and masculinity, who can relate Harold's default gender.
    • Paradoxically, Harold is shown to have difficulty to reveal his joy.
  • Yellow is the symbolic color of Mercury.
  • Its complementarity is Purple.

The virtue Edit

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