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Effects GuideEdit

This information was taken straight from the developer's blog and translated using Google translate so it might not be grammatically correct.


Door world → Two o'clock in the direction of the door → Blue small town → See the blue sign with a red door directly turn left → Door → Mushroom sub-dialogue → Candy Get


Door World → Blue small town two o'clock in the direction of the door → With NPC dialogue to give it a try? → Hair → Enter the corridor the special NPC next to the house → Derived investigation bright pool → Long hair Get


Door world → Two o'clock in the direction of the door → Find different NPC → Flower Lane → Flowers to find flower female → Dialogue → Germinate Get


Door World → Nine o'clock door to door direct upper right → Find two colors under the street lights are floating crystal → Beaches → Investigating Miss Mermaid → Fins Get


Through the long Beach went head → cool glass of the World → find translucent Ann → surveys → hospital → walked drip room → to go out in the hospital → go find a small mouth (fifth chance direct props venues) → the Gallery → wheelchair Get


Door world → three o'clock direction door → survey of small Ann → Kindergarten → go door to find broken swing → ​​go right → investigations blue glass ball → boy Get


Door world → color → find a special delivery mouth → drum map → parasol Get


Eleven o'clock Door World → Door → Find accessible the bottle → Investigating lump of blue objects → Galaxy Get