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The following are the playable characters in Little Knife Girl Fantasy. This page includes information about their stats and abilities.

The stats are calculated based on a formula involving the level of the character. The attack and defense strength are rounded up to the nearest integers if they are not integers after the values are otherwise calculated. It is not known whether the actual attack and defense values are rounded up to integers, or merely their display.

The basic abilities of each character are (basic) attack with Z, jump with X, and dodge (some form of escape maneuver) with C.

An ability indicated by a number can also be executed by pressing that number key. With a few exceptions, a more advanced ability always takes precedence over a more basic ability. That means if you use ability 4 while the character is using ability 2, then you interrupt the former to use the latter, whereas you cannot use ability 2 until the character finishes ability 4. Knowing this can help string combos together.

Note: The attack names are unofficial. The attacks have no names in-game.


HP: 34 + (16 * Level)

SP: 12 + (8 * Level)

Attack Strength: Level * 1

Defense Strength: Level * 1.0/2.0, rounded up


Key: Z

Madotsuki's basic attack. It is a quick 5-hit combo with the knife. Up to 5 hits: a small slash, three jabs, and a frontal flip with a swing. She moves slightly forward with the 5th hit.

The attack is very short-ranged in nature, requiring you to get close to your enemies. But once your target is within reach, this combo can be quite effective when you combine it with other attacks.

Dream KnifeEdit

Requirement: Nightmare (found to the right of the entrance)

A range upgrade for the Knife attack. Each of her Knife hits now creates a red wave motion; this greatly increases the ease of use of the ability.

Double JumpEdit

Key: X

Press X to jump, and press it again mid-jump to jump again. You can also jump up to twice after you drop down from a platform. This can be combined with Backflip or jump-based attacks to get even more height and distance.


Key: C

Madotsuki does a somersault hop while moving back, so you can dodge close-range attacks instinctively. While not a very necessary skill, it allows you to retreat while maintaining your focus in one direction. This is more helpful during early game.

This move also allows her to jump higher. If you want to combine this with the Double Jump, you need to jump first and then use Backflip.


Key Sequence: Down, X

Requirement: White Orb (beat Monoe in level 2)

Cost: 8 SP

This is a forward attack and escape maneuver, and you can quickly bypass annoying enemies with it. While holding Down, press X once to slide forward on the ground. The slide decreases Madotsuki's vertical height, so you can avoid some enemy attacks with this.

Press X again, or continue holding the buttons, to finish off with an upward slide and flip. Pressing X during the initial slide interrupts it to do the upward slide. This uses up your jumps.

Both slides damage enemies while Madotsuki slides through them, but she might get hit if they touch her in a way that interrupts her between the slides.

<1> ShockwaveEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 3

Cost: 8 SP

Madotsuki does a swing that creates a shockwave at her feet level; the shockwave shoots forward horizontally. This works regardless of whether she's on the ground or mid-air.

This is Madotsuki's ranged attack, and it's handy since you learn it so early.

<2> Whirl SlashEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 6

Cost: 10 SP

Madotsuki does an upward flip while making a crescent-shaped swing above her. This can help against enemies that approach from the air, since it hits basically anything close to her.

<3> MultijabEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Front, Z

Requirement: Green Orb (beat boss in level 1)

Cost: 12 SP

Madotsuki jabs multiple times in rapid succession. It has a bit longer reach than the regular Knife attack, and it can do substantial damage at melee. Note that the attack is in front of her, so it might miss if the enemy has already collided into her.

<4> Tornado Slash IEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Up, Z

Requirement: Level 10

Cost: 16 SP

AKA Rolling Slash. Madotsuki rolls upward while swinging in circles around her. During the roll-jump, she rolls forward, and then retracts back.

This attack is potent. It drives certain enemies into the air, so it can deal more hits than Whirl Slash. However, because Madotsuki moves forward, she may collide into enemies if they don't get pushed back. It's best to avoid using it when the enemy is stationary or against the wall if you don't want to take damage.

<5> Tornado Slash IIEdit

Key Sequence: Up, Front, Down, Z

Requirement: Level 15

Cost: 16 SP

A variant of the previous attack. Madotsuki leaps forward in a roll while swinging in circles around her, and lands at the height she was when she leaped. Enemies that get knocked back tend to be pushed quite far while taking hits from this attack.

Whether Tornado Slash I or II is better depends on the situation (including the nature of the enemies). The first one swings up, while the second one swings down. These moves also help Madotsuki jump further up.

<6> Lightning StrikeEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Back, Front, Z

Requirement: Blue Orb (beat Masada-sensei in level 3)

Cost: 24 SP

A potent ability with three hits. Madotsuki strikes at her feet level twice, creating large sparks in front of her. Then flips slightly forward to deliver a lightning strike, again in front. This third hit appears from higher above and can hit enemies above.

While a melee attack, it has a good reach (more than Multijab), strong damage, and high likelihood of disrupting enemies.

<7> Angel DiveEdit

Key Sequence: Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Red Orb (beat boss in level 5, left path)

Cost: 36 SP

A winged Madotsuki dives horizontally in the air while holding her knife; this results in a forward thrust attack. Madotsuki is invulnerable during this attack, so it's useful as an escape maneuver.

<8> Wave SweepEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 28

Cost: 40 SP

A very useful move once you get adjusted to it. Madotsuki jumps forward and swings upward; then she swings downward as she lands. Immediately after the second slash, she creates two shockwaves in a succession, and they shoot forward horizontally. Unlike the Shockwave ability, these penetrate through enemies.

<9> HyperslashEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Up, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Pink Orb (beat Ghost Madotsuki in level 5, right path)

Cost: 45 SP

A seven-hit combo involving three slashes in front of her, and two forward jumps, each with an upward and a downward swing. The complicated nature of this move makes it unpractical in some cases, but when it does succeed in connecting, it can do a lot of damage.

<10> Hydro StormEdit

Key Sequence: Up, Back, Down, Front, Up, Z

Requirement: Black Orb (beat Ghost Madotsuki II in Last Dream, right path)

Cost: 120 SP, 104 HP

Madotsuki's ultimate. Similar to PK Starstorm. A large FACE appears at the center of the screen (this appearing itself hits enemies). Then, a series of vertical projectiles rains down to strike enemies, both on-screen and below.

Madotsuki is immobile and invulnerable during this ability, but she takes damage from her own ability as the projectiles rain down, so be careful not to kill her with this or let her health get too low.

Ultimate Hydro StormEdit

Requirement: Yellow Orb (beat FACE in Nightmare)

Cost: 128 SP

An upgrade to the Hydro Storm ability. The projectiles are now outlined in green, and FACE is now dark red. This no longer drains HP, and has slightly greater SP cost.


Requirement: Broom (beat boss in level 5, left path)

Once you obtain the broom in level 5, you can select it from the menu. When you do, Madotsuki transforms into her witch effect. This allows her to fly freely. She moves faster horizontally than vertically.

Be careful; Madotsuki takes more damage while she is flying. Also, she can't use her normal abilities in this form, but she gains access to two broom-exclusive ones.

Press the X button (or select the broom again in the menu) to revert to Madotsuki's normal form. For most of Madotsuki's abilities, she can't transform from one form to another while she is using the ability, so wait until she finishes her attack.


Key: Z (in broom form)

Requirement: Broom

Cost: 5 SP

Madotsuki's normal attack in broom form. Press Z to shoot a horizontal projectile forward. Hold the button to continue shooting; Madotsuki keeps facing in the same direction if you hold the button. This drains SP quickly, though, so don't hold the button if you're not hitting anything.

Most boss characters are immune to Starlight, so don't bother using it if it does no damage. This also applies when you meet those boss characters outside actual boss battles.

Milky WayEdit

Key: C (in broom form)

Requirement: Broom, level 30

Cost: 60 SP

Madotsuki's super attack in broom form. Madotsuki backs up a little and then dashes forward in the air. At the same time, she summons stars that move with her and then shoot forward ahead of her. These stars penetrate through enemies.

Like with Angel Dive, Madotsuki is invulnerable during the attack. Just like Starlight, this attack does not affect most boss characters.


HP: 66 + (14 * Level)

SP: 30 + (10 * Level)

Attack Strength: Level * 1

Defense Strength: Level * 1.0/2.0, rounded up


Key: Z

Monoko's basic attack. Up to 3 hits: Monoko extends her pairs of arms to touch and damage enemies in her way. It's useful because it has a rather long reach for a melee attack.

Double JumpEdit

Key: X

Press X to jump, and press it again in mid-air to jump again. The fact that Monoko can't turn around mid-air is significant.


Key: C

Cost: 8 SP

A very valuable escape maneuver for Monoko. Press C to have Monoko fade to dark and dash forward and then reappear; Monoko is invincible during this. She drops down as she dashes if she is mid-air.

Use this to escape from enemies and dodge their attacks. The direction Monoko is facing decides which way she dashes. This matters since Monoko has a hard time turning around. Jumping and using Fade interrupt each other.

<1> TossEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 3

Cost: 12 SP

Monoko throws an arm forward, which flies horizontally. Whereas Madotsuki's Shockwave appears at her feet level, Monoko's arm appears at her midsection level.

<2> WindmillEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 8

Cost: 24 SP

Monoko jumps straight up, and during the jump, she rolls in cartwheels to hits enemies in contact and possibly knock them upwards. This can be used to deal with enemies close by, including airborne ones.

This can be used similarly to Madotsuki's Whirl Slash, though Monoko jumps higher and the reach is a bit more limited.

<3> Wheel RollEdit

Key Sequence: Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 15

Cost: 36 SP

Monoko's analog to Madotsuki's Tornado Slash I, but a bit different.

Monoko does a quick forward slide and then rolls with speed in cartwheels. She first advances forward and upward in a diagonal and then retracts back and upward in a diagonal. As with Windmill, this attacks enemies in contact.

The initial slide, as well as the cartwheel jump, can damage enemies, though enemies can interrupt Monoko's attack before she jumps. Since the slide is on the ground, Monoko will drop down during the slide if she moves off a platform.

<4> Wheel LeapEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 22

Cost: 56 SP

Monoko's analog to Madotsuki's Tornado Slash II, with differences.

Just like with Wheel Roll, Monoko first slides forward. Then she leaps forward and lands in an arc while attacking in cartwheels.

This ability is more forceful than Wheel Roll. It does more damage, has a greater reach, and costs more SP. The leap distance is also quite large. As a result, this can heavily damage enemies and push them back quite far.

<5>: Airborne AssaultEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Up, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 28

Cost: 120 SP, 3 self-damage hits (18-20 HP each)

Monoko's ultimate. She slides (it does no damage) and trips in a clumsy way, hurting herself. While she is down, a winged Madotsuki, a sprinting Monoe, and a spaceship (belonging to Masada-sensei) appear from behind Monoko and fly horizontally above her. Each pierces through enemies and damages them heavily.

Monoko is invincible as soon as she uses this, including during the slide. She takes three hits when she trips, but she does not die from the damage. Although this ability is not that damaging for an ultimate, it can be used to sweep enemies that are lined up more or less horizontally.


HP: 85 + (15 * Level)

SP: 41 + (9 * Level)

Attack Strength: Level * 3.0/2.0 - 1, rounded up

Defense Strength: Level * 1.0/5.0, rounded up


Key: Z

Monoe's basic attack. Up to 3 hits: Monoe slashes the air with her hands, creating large yellow claw swipes in front of her. The third swipe makes her move slightly forward. The swipes are strong for a basic attack.

Hold the Up button during an attack to move forward while attacking.

Double JumpEdit

Key: X

Press X to jump, and press it again in mid-air to jump again. Because Monoe is quite agile, she can cover a lot of distance with her Double Jump.


Key: C

Monoe quickly flips backward to retreat. It's similar to Madotsuki's Backflip, but the hop is smaller, so it allows faster escape. It focuses more on retreating than on jumping.

If you want to combine this with the Double Jump, you need to jump first and then use Handspring.

<1> Shadow StrikeEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 5

Cost: 25 SP

Monoe summons a shadowy projection of herself, which moves forward a short distance (it does not need a floor on which it can stand) and does two swipe attacks, one as it moves forward and another after it stops. The swipes are slightly weaker than Monoe's normal Swipe attack. Since Monoe is melee-oriented, this short-ranged ability serves as a crucial substitute.

You can't make Monoe move, jump, or use Handspring while she is using Shadow Strike; if she is mid-air, she drops helplessly, though the projection does not. However, she can use another ability while the projection attacks. Once the projection actually appears, it finishes attacking even if Monoe herself is interrupted.

Even though the projection deals two hits, it does not interrupt an enemy more than once, so it might counterattack if you let Monoe do nothing during the attack. For these reasons, this move is best used in conjunction with other abilities.

<2> Fury SwipesEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 10

Cost: 30 SP

A two-hit combo in which Monoe swipes as she leaps forward diagonally and swipes again as she lands. It links very well in a larger combo and it can also help Monoe jump higher. Be careful that you don't accidentally collide with enemies that won't move back any further.

<3> SprintEdit

Key Sequence: Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 15

Cost: 45 SP

Using this causes Monoe to stampede across the floor, running over enemies. Mobile enemies tend to get deflected upwards as she runs past them. She runs about a screen's length.

This can be used as an attack that sweeps the floor as well as an escape maneuver. Note that Sprint decreases her vertical height, so you can dodge some attacks this way.

<4> PowerdriveEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 21

Cost: 60 SP

A powerful attack, simply put. Monoe flashes for half a second, and then flips forward-up in an uppercut-like motion. She flips three times, each time sweeping the air with a golden streak to drive the enemy upwards.

The flashing moment itself attacks enemies that touch Monoe, but she can still be attacked and interrupted during the flash, so don't assume she is immune to attacks.

<5> OverdriveEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Up, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 28

Cost: 120 SP

Monoe's ultimate. Monoe runs a short distance (much like in Sprint, but without causing damage) as she disappears. Then 12 golden streaks shred the enemies at and above her location. Afterwards, she reappears running again.

Monoe is invulnerable when you use this. The total run distance is a bit shorter than with Sprint. The first 6 streaks come individually, and then three pairs finish the attack. Although the ultimate only hits enemies relatively close by, it can devastate those within reach.


HP: 100 + (20 * Level)

SP: 46 + (4 * Level)

Attack Strength: Level * 4.0/3.0 - 1, rounded up

Defense Strength: Level * 4.0/3.0 - 1, rounded up


Key: Z

Masada's basic attack. Up to 3 hits: a jab, a kick, and a swinging punch, each with different reach. The hits link together well because of the time interval between hits is very short.

Double JumpEdit

Key: X

Press X to jump, and press it again in mid-air to jump again. Since Masada doesn't have moves that make him invincible, get used to jumping properly if you want to avoid taking hits, preferably combined with Plunge Kick.


Key: C

As with Monoe's Handspring, Masada quickly flips backward to retreat. It covers more distance than Handspring.

There's almost no cooldown between the flips, starting with the second flip. Therefore, holding C allows Masada to escape very quickly if the shape of the level is favorable.

If you want to combine this with the Double Jump, you need to jump first and then use Evasion.

<1> SingEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 5

Cost: 20 SP

Masada throws a single musical note horizontally. Masada's attack can be interrupted during the throwing animation, but as with other projectile attacks, it keeps going if Masada is attacked after it is launched.

An attractive feature of this attack is that the note pierces through multiple enemies.

<2> Plunge KickEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 11

Cost: 30 SP

Masada does two flips that boost him up and slightly forward. The flips attack enemies he touches and can knock enemies into the air. Then, with a third flip, Masada plunges down at a forward angle with a kick, as the name of the attack implies.

This is vital as an aerial escape maneuver. It's more useful for jumping over obstacles than for actually attacking because it's somewhat difficult to actually land on enemies with it, though it can be used to hit enemies above Masada.

<3> Heavy SwingEdit

Key Sequence: Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 17

Cost: 44 SP

A very potent attack. Masada takes out a long musical note to use as a melee weapon, brings it back, and then swings it forward again.

This is pretty much guaranteed to hit and interrupt anything close to him, so it's great for self-defense. It works well as a finishing move in a combo.

<4> EnsembleEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 23

Cost: 79 SP

A multi-projectile version of Sing. Masada readies himself and flashes. Then he summons and launches seven musical notes at varying heights.

As with Monoe's Powerdrive, the flash itself can hurt enemies that touch Masada, but his attack can be interrupted at any time, even just before the flash. Any notes not yet thrown will be skipped if the attack ends by interruption.

Masada can't be controlled until all the notes are thrown. If he can safely attack at a range, then this ability can deal a high damage overall, much more than Sing because there are many more projectiles. If he's vulnerable to counterattacks and interruptions, then this might not be the best choice.

<5> Crash LandingEdit

Key Sequence: Up, Back, Down, Front, Up, Z

Requirement: Level 28

Cost: 111 SP

Masada's ultimate. He calls for his spaceship; he can't be controlled during the calling animation. The spaceship appears soon after and comes forth, and then explodes.

Unlike with other ultimates, Masada remains susceptible to attacks. This makes a difference because if Masada gets interrupted too soon, the spaceship will be lost and the SP wasted. However, this time interval for interruption is shorter than the actual calling animation.

This is one of the most powerful abilities in the entire game. Each hit from the explosion does immense damage. The force of explosion impacts the region closer to the crash location and then expands outward, so enemies closer to the explosion are hit more times.


HP: 44 + (6 * Level)

SP: 82 + (18 * Level)

Attack Strength: Level * 1

Defense Strength: Level * 1.0/2.0, rounded up


Key: Z

Cost: 5 SP

Poniko's basic attack with fireball projectiles that travel horizontally. Up to 4 hits. Hold Up or Down when pressing Z to change the angle of the travel 45 degrees in that direction. The fireball first wavers in front of Poniko and then accelerates to full speed.

This attack is very effective even in late game since it does strong damage with repeated hits. However, it does not interrupt most enemies, so you have to watch out for retaliation while you attack. Thus it is better to use this at a safe range.

Triple HopEdit

Key: X

Poniko can jump three times, but each jump is short. Keep the difference in mind, since with Poniko, you will need to jump more than with other characters to get over obstacles.


Key: C

Cost: 12 SP

Using this makes Poniko invulnerable during the teleport process, as she vanishes in a column of light and then reappears similarly a short distance from the original spot. Hold Left or Right to teleport in that direction. If neither is pressed, by default, she teleports behind her.

Like Monoko's Fade, this can help you escape from enemies and dodge attacks. You can't use this after jumping until you land again. You can use this mid-air if she simply dropped down, though she will continue to fall during the warp process.

<1> EruptionEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 6

Cost: 30 SP

Poniko raises her arm and ignites a spark of flame a short distance in front of her, at her feet level. The flame then shoots up as a pillar of fire to attack enemies (the spark itself does not damage enemies). She lowers her arm once the flame sprouts.

This is used to attack at a close range or hit enemies above. The distance of the flame from Poniko varies somewhat.

Poniko is immobile during the attack (she can move once her arm is lowered). Once the spark is set, it will erupt even if Poniko takes a hit. Still, it takes a moment for the flame to erupt, so it may not be as reliable on its own when you need quick reactions.

<2> Chain EruptionEdit

Key Sequence: Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 12

Cost: 45 SP

This time, Poniko creates three sparks of flame in a succession, each one further away. The flames erupt in the order they ignited. Unlike with regular Eruption, the distances are fixed.

Because the flames tend to push the enemies back, they may take multiple hits as the flames continue to sprout. Thus not only this covers a wider area, it also can do more damage overall.

Poniko is immobile until all of the flames erupt. This drawback is greater for Chain Eruption, but otherwise it is more cost-effective than the previous ability. You should use Chain Eruption except when regular Eruption is sufficient, or when you can't afford to stay immobile for long.

<3> Blaze SphereEdit

Key Sequence: Down, Front, Up, Z

Requirement: Level 18

Cost: 60 SP

Poniko charges up a giant fireball in front of her; it expands to a size bigger than the basic Fireball attack or her own size. Then it flies horizontally (you can't shoot this fireball at an angle).

Different from the regular Fireball attack, this blazing fireball interrupts enemies, and it also pierces through them.

This attack is actually useful for protecting Poniko from enemies right in front of her, because as soon as the fireball appears, it can hit enemies even as it expands to full size. However, if an enemy attack manages to hit Poniko during the charge-up, the fireball will disappear.

<4> Phoenix FlightEdit

Key Sequence: Front, Up, Back, Down, Front, Z

Requirement: Level 23

Cost: 80 SP

When you use this ability, a winged Madotsuki appears behind her to catch Poniko, who does a forward flip jump. Then they turn into a large burning phoenix that charges forward in the air. It then disappears, and Poniko reappears with a flip.

This ability makes Poniko invincible as soon as it's used, though it doesn't deal damage until the phoenix appears.

This move is designed much like Madotsuki's Angel Dive, but it has a greater impact and cost. It travels a greater distance, and the sheer size of the phoenix allows the attack to hit enemies much more easily.

<5> TransformEdit

Key Sequence: Up, Back, Down, Front, Up, Z

Requirement: Level 28

Though this can be called Poniko's ultimate, it works differently. Poniko transforms into her eldritch form, Uboa. This form allows you to float and move around (horizontally faster than vertically). Poniko is immune to attacks during the transformation process. Press the X button to revert to Poniko's normal form.

There are similarities to Madotsuki's Broom form. Poniko takes more damage in this form, and she can't use her normal abilities in this form, but she gains access to two attacks only usable in Uboa form. Poniko can't change forms during an attack, so wait until she finishes attacking.

There is an important caveat: staying transformed continually drains HP. Maintaining Uboa form for too long can weaken or kill Poniko. Remain in this form only while attacking or flying; otherwise, revert to normal form. There is no SP cost for transforming or staying transformed.


Key: Z (in Uboa form)

Requirement: Transform

Cost: 24 SP

Poniko's normal attack in Uboa form. Uboa places at its location a circular time bomb with a face on it. The bomb flashes, and a short time after, the face disintegrates and the bomb detonates. You can place another bomb or switch to normal form while a bomb is in place.

Since you can place another bomb after a short cooldown, it is possible to move around while repeatedly setting up bombs. This attack takes good timing and maneuvering so that the bombs can actually hit mobile enemies (especially those that chase you).

Terminal BeamEdit

Key: C (in Uboa form)

Requirement: Transform

Cost: 100 SP

Poniko's super attack in Uboa form. Uboa fires a beam that is about as wide as its own height. If you hold Left or Right, the beam is fired in that direction. If neither is pressed, it shoots downward.

The beam pierces through enemies, so it is good for dealing with multiple targets that are linearly aligned. The beam has a limited range, so it doesn't hit everything in the same room if it's too far off-screen.

This attack does high damage, but it lasts a while, leaving Uboa open to attacks (especially if you fire in the wrong direction). Take care not to waste shots. Remember that you lose health during the attack, and you can't revert to normal form until it's over.

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