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0.40f (2016/9/29)






RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

June 3, 2011


ShimitsukiSprite Shimitsuki (しみつき)

Nexus Doors

5 + 5






If is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Bokun starring Shimitsuki (しみつき), a girl who refuses to leave her room.


If is like most Yume Nikki fangames, the main objective being exploration and collecting effects. Something a bit different about If is that, instead of using the bed to enter her "dream world", she moves her bookcase to reveal a static-like portal that she jumps into.

Additionally, every time Shimitsuki opens a nexus door, two dark large hands/claws grab her and drag her in.

The bed is used to save, and waking up is done through the menu, Shimitsuki pinching her cheek and looking up before returning to the real world. The Debug Room can be accessed from the lower left corner of Shimitsuki's room (behind the boxes).


Little is know about Shimitsuki, or how she got where she is, but it is possible she is trapped in "her" room. At the start of the game, footsteps and the sound of a door locking/closing can be heard. Shimitsuki is sitting in the middle of the room with her eyes lowered, who then looks around the room and jumps up.

The portal behind the bookcase could be a way she tries to escape, or her memories before being trapped in her room/locking herself in her room.


The effect in the menu will change into Kanji with other meanings when Shimitsuki in her room.


Name Image Description
Ninja (にんじゃ) IfEff5 Shimitsuki is dressed like a ninja. Pressing Shift makes her an "invisible" outline, hiding her from chasers.
Screen (がめん) IfEffnew01 Shimitsuki turns into a transparent screen. Pressing Shift changes the screen's picture.
Floor Lamp (スタンド) IfEff17 Shimitsuki's head turns into a lamp. Pressing Shift turns it off/on.
Squirrel (りす) IfEff13 Shimitsuki has white squirrel ears and tail. Pressing Shift turns her into a small white squirrel.
Shadow (かげ) IfEffnew03 Shimitsuki has a big shadow under her body. Pressing Shift makes the shadow cover her whole body, showing a big eye on her head and bringing her back to the nexus.
Naginata (なぎなた) IfEff15 Shimitsuki wields a Naginata, used to stab and kill NPCs.
Perfume (こうすい) IfEff18 Shimitsuki's head turns into a round bottle with red perfume. Pressing Shift makes her spray the perfume, flashing the screen transparent red for a second.
Suminuki (すみぬき) IfEff19 Shimitsuki becomes ink, making her monochrome.
Gear (はぐるま) IfEff1 Shimitsuki's arms become two large gears working as wheels, inscreasing her speed. Pressing Shift makes her switch the direction in which she rides.
Noise (ノイズ) IfEff20 Shimitsuki has black skin and glowing red eyes. Pressing shift causes the screen to partially fill with white noice, including sound effects. When walking, black stripes and dots appear and disappear on the rest of Shimitsuki's sprite.
UFO IfEff2 Shimitsuki rides in a little UFO. Pressing Shift makes her activate a rainbow-colored beam from below her UFO.
Junk (ジャンク) IfEff23 Shimitsuki becomes a pile of green and grey junk.
Ice (こおり) IfEff26 Shimitsuki is made of ice or snow, causing snow to fall.
Kikyou (ききょう) IfEff24 Shimitsuki wears a purple kimono and a Kikyou (baloon flower) in her hair.
Matching (おそろい) IfEff22 Shimitsuki's hair is tied in matching pigtails.
Bass (ベース) IfEffnew02 Shimitsuki carries a bass. Sometimes after equipping the effect she will turn into a black twintail girl carrying a violoncello.
Genki (げんき) IfEffnew04 Shimitsuki looks more healthy.
Anchor (いかり) IfEff27 Shimitsuki is dressed like a sailor. Pressing Shift causes an anchor to drop on the floor. In earlier versions, pressing Shift again would warp Shimitsuki to the place where the anchorwass dropped, but this ability was removed due to fatal bugs. 
Parasol (ひがさ) IfEffnew05 Shimitsuki carries a parasol, her hair turning white and eyes turning red.
Faucet (からん) IfEffnew06 Shimitsuki's head turns into a faucet, causing rain. Pressing Shift makes her close the faucet, stopping the rain.
Twins (ふたり) IfEffnew07 Shimitsuki becomes small and has another little Shimitsuki on her head. Pressing Shift makes the little Shimitsuki look around.
Curtain (カーテン) IfEffnew09 Shimitsuki has a round curtain track on her head. Pressing Shift closes the curtain and changes Shimitsuki's form randomly, including some unused effects.
Primary Color (げんしょく) IfEffnew08 Shimitsuki's appearance fills up with oversaturated primary colors. Pressing Shift changes the screen's color.


Name Image Description
Waveform (はけい) IfEff16 Shimitsuki's head turns into a TV screen with a green cardiogram/waveform. Pressing Shift turns the screen on/off.

This was replaced by the Screen effect in ver.0.40.

Eyeball (めだま) IfEff3 Shimitsuki's body becomes covered with slits/lumps. Pressing Shift reveals them to be closed eyes, opening and warping her back to the nexus.

This was replaced by the Shadow effect in ver.0.40.


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September 29, 2016


July 7, 2016


August 9, 2012


June 3, 2011

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Gameplay Video (Version 0.00)Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- If

Yume Nikki fangames- If

Gameplay of If (0.00)