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Ignite is a Yume Nikki fangame created by Forty aka Lucas 47-46 (deviantArt Pixiv ). It stars Feutsuki, a black cat under quarantine. He lives in a small, run-down apartment room with a large fireplace in it. You enter the dream world by staring into the fireplace. As of now, the nexus has 3 worlds available.

A remake to Ignite has been released on March 17, 2014, entitled Ignite: Dying Flame. The remake is shorter, and has less effects, but improved graphics and several events. A new addition to the remake is the ability to change Feutsuki's clothes, which can sometimes affect how NPCs in his world react to him.


Feutsuki is a black cat, and all other NPCs are animals or other abstract beings.

The game tend to go toward a darker atmosphere, more toward .flow or Yume Nisshi . The events are very involved, and involve other characters too. 

Many themes in the game incorporate fire related elements, it is possible Feutsuki has a possible obsession with fire, and he "wakes up" via his lighter. (9 Key)


There are many events in Ignite, most of them probably being about Feutsuki's past, or encounters with others. Sometimes an event must be triggered to get an effect.

Not much is known other than Feutsuki is locked down under quarantine (it is still unclear if he has any sort of virus or infection that caused him to be under quarantine.) , and it is unknown if he enters the "dream world" in hopes of escape, or to pass the time.


Effects are called Influences in both the original and the remake versions. Something unique to Ignite is that you take off effects by selecting "Normal" from the effects menu.

Effects (Remake)Edit

Name Image Description
Frozen Feutsukifrozen Feutsuki becomes frozen. Pressing SHIFT makes it snow or stop snowing.
Pitchfork Feutsukipitchfork Feutsuki's weapon, a demonic pitchfork. He can attack NPC's with this.
Radio Feutsukiradio Feutsuki's head becomes a radio. Pressing SHIFT returns Feutsuki to the nexus.
Monster Feutsukimonster Feutsiki's appearance changes into a scary monster, which, unsurprisingly, scares NPC's away.
Dog Feutsukidog Feutsiki turns into a dog. It appears to be based off the original design for the Monster influence.

Effects (Original)Edit

Name Image Description
Frozen IgniteEff01 Feutsuki becomes frozen. Pressing SHIFT causes it to snow or stop snowing.
Phantom IgniteEff05 Feutsuki becomes a ghost. Makes you go fast.
Pitchfork IgniteEff03 Feutsuki's wields a trident as a weapon.
Wrappings IgniteEff04 Feutsuki is covered in wrappings.
Radio IgniteEff02 Feutsuki's head becomes a radio. Pressing SHIFT returns Feutsuki to the nexus.
Psychologist Igniteeff06 Feutsuki wears a grey hoodie. Makes it rain.
Monster IgniteEff07 Feutsiki's appearance changes to that of a small monster.
Kitten IgniteEff09 Feutsuki turns into a kitten.
Furnace IgniteEff08 Feutsuki becomes a furnace.

Downloads/External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Remake Version 0.00 March 17, 2014 Pixiv


Original Version 0.01+ March 7, 2013 Tumblr Download


Version Announcement Download Notes
Original Version 0.01+ Tumblr Download Translated by Shirleycrow

Gameplay VideoEdit

Ignite - Yume Nikki Fangame10:11

Ignite - Yume Nikki Fangame

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