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RPG Maker XP

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August 2, 2009


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Inspiration (sometimes called .Inspiration, possibly inspired by .flow) is one of the first non-Japanese Yume Nikki Fangames, created by Russian artist Rainychan. The game centers around a reclusive artist named Alex, who appears to live alone. His computer has broken down, so he has been reduced to reading books he has grown tired of and sleeping to explore his dream world.

At the developer's request, download links to this game have been removed.


As part of the RPG Maker XP engine, maps do not loop like in other Yume Nikki Fangames. Additionally, Shift (along with Shift + Control) makes Alex run. The game can be saved from the menu at any time.

Inspiration also makes use of character dialogue, which helps gain an insight into the mind of Alex and figures he sees in his dreams. Interacting with certain objects in the real world bedroom sometimes make Alex speak his thoughts on them.

The main character having any sort of dialogue is something of a defining trait of the game, a trait that would appear in future English fangames such as The Looking Glass. Traditionally, the protagonist silent and their personality is left to the player's own discretion.

Another feature that sets this game apart from the typical Yume Nikki fangame is that Alex can leave his bedroom in real life. He cannot go very far, but can explore the outside of his building.

Inspiration was cancelled without a proper ending on June 3rd, 2014, after over a year without updates. The download for Version 0.04 was deleted almost a month after the cancellation announcement.

Effects and Items

Name Image Description
Mage InspEff01 Alex dons a purple hooded robe, in the image of a traditional mage.
3D Glasses InspEff03 Alex wears 3D glasses.
Girl InspEff08 Alex becomes a girl, giving him longer hair.
Protagonist InspEff06 Alex wears a red ballcap, yellow backpack, and blue striped shirt, a reference to Earthbound's Ness.
Short Hair InspEff07 Alex's hair is shortened.
Talisman InspEff04 A piece of paper with an eye talisman appears over Alex's face.
Suit InspEff02 Alex wears a suit.
Monochromika InspEff05 Alex's becomes monochrome.


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 0.04 ? ? Removed

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Inspiration Yume Nikki Fangame