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Inspiration Effects Walkthrough

3D GlassesEdit

3D glasses are obtained by going into Neon Town (3rd door from right in nexus). Go to the X in the bottom left corner, bringing you to Number World. Find the checkmark at the bottom, and you will be brought to the room with the glasses.


Walking in the circle of light in the Magical Lab in the Sky (4th door in the Nexus). Walk to the bottom left corner and step on the star. It will bring you to the Small Star Maze. Get the the bottom right corner and step on the star. It will bring you to a room, where you must walk up to and interact with the eyes on the wall. They will bring you to the lab. Walk through the left hall and interact with the eye on the wall, bringing you to the mage room.

Girl Edit

Found in the Eyes Room in the leftmost mirror, which hints at some thematic aspects of the protagonist's possible inner conflicts. The Eyes Room can be found by interacting with the leftmost stereo in the Neon Room.


It can be received for free by talking to the shop keeper in Black Gray.

Short HairEdit

It can be purchased in the shop for 25 G.


It can be purchased in the shop for 25 G.


Go into the first door to the right in the Nexus. Go to the door directly up and it will bring you into a restaurant. Talk to the invisible man wearing a suit on the left side of the stage.

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