Jiko 1
New concept art of Jiko by Miku Le Roux.

"Accident" in Japanese











Overview Edit

Jiko is the main character of Spectrum.

Appearance Edit

Jiko has pastel pink hair and gold/yellow eyes. She is approximately 5'7". She commonly wears a teal shirt with black squares resembling pixels (reference to Madotsuki), a grey jacket, shorts, black socks and blue shoes. She wears two black hair clips.

Personality Edit

Jiko is very bubbly and dorky. She loves to paint and draw. Her best friend is a successful alternative model and it makes her feel insecure. She feels like she isn't as pretty and talented. This changes throughout the game.

Jiko loves dreams and records her dreams in a journal. She has the ability to travel into other people's dreams but she is unaware of it until the beginning of the game.

Past Edit

When she was little, she always wore a pair of cat ears. She made friends everywhere she went and often got into trouble.

Jiko's parents used to think she was worthless. She never did amazing in school, besides in art classes. They think Jiko will get nowhere in life throughout most of her childhood, and this caused her to move out of her house right when she graduated high school and move in with her best friend.

Relationships Edit

Sentan: Edit

Jiko met him at a coffee shop/bookstore that he works at. She always thought he was cute but never had the courage to talk to him, until she started researching her strange dreams and suddenly felt like she could talk to him. They end up becoming really close and are important figures to each other.

Kyoko: Edit

Kyoko is Jiko's best friend. She is a successful model, and she always tries to help Jiko the best she can. Jiko lives with her.
Jiko and Kyoko

Trivia/Facts (Only by Miku Le Roux) Edit

  • Jiko's favorite snack is macarons.
  • Spectrum started out entirely different and Jiko's name meant "accident" in Japanese, which fit into the old

    Belladonna effect. Drawn by Miku Le Roux.

    game. The creator decided to keep this name and incorporate it into her new ideas.
  • Jiko makes a decent amount of money off of her art and therefore she doesn't work during the game. She doesn't need too much money, as Kyoko doesn't let Jiko pay any part of rent, as bad as Jiko wishes Kyoko would let her.
  • Jiko loves games and she enjoys The Elder Scrolls games especially. She loves fantasy. She also loves other fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings and sci-fi movies like Star Wars and she loves to quote them.
  • When she uses her dreamwalking abilities too excessively, or pushes herself too much with her abilities in real life and the dream worlds, it causes her to get a bloody nose.
  • Her color scheme is based off of the Arizona green tea can. The game developer loves green tea and wanted a unique color combination and literally took it from the tea she was drinking.

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