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Shadow, Fantasy, Shade / Kage,Souzou, In


KageSou008 s
Shadow, Fantasy, Shade's Version 0.08 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.08 (〇・〇八)


Atteiu (あっていう)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

January 30, 2011


KageSouSprites Kagerou (影朗) , Kagerō (カゲロー)

Nexus Doors



2 (+1 Normal)




Shadow, Fantasy, Shade (影・想像・陰 Kage Souzou In or KageSou) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Atteiu (あっていう) (Blog ) (Pixiv) (Same producer of Witoru/Neta Dream (うぃとる))starring Kagerou (影朗). This game is cancelled, but is still available. According to Atteiu's blog, there are plans to remake the game eventually.

影・想像・陰 remake0.00

影・想像・陰 0.00 ver coming soon...


Shadow, Fantasy, Shade plays like most Yume Nikki fangames, with the exception of effects (which are known as "items" in this game) having the ability to be used in real life. You save at the smaller orange-yellow block which can also toggle other options, and listen to the game's music. The larger beige inscribed block is used to enter the dream world. Similar to Ignite, effects are unequipped from an option in the Items/Effects menu.


Not much is known about the story, but Kagerou appears to be a shadow or spirit in a rather run-down place, and seems to be linked to other possibly spiritual items. There are chasers that look exactly like Kagerou, but white. The chasers are notorious for being extremely fast and to come without warning, sometimes multiple chasers at a time.

It should be noted that some NPCs and symbols are shown in Witoru/Neta Dream as well.

Items (Effects)Edit

Effects are used with the shift key and are unequipped from the option Normal/General (普) at the items screen.

Name Image Description
Light (光) SouzoEff2 Kagerou becomes electric yellow and his speed is doubled.
Song (音) SouzoEff1 Kagerou becomes blue. Pressing SHIFT makes red and blue music notes appear, and he plays a few tunes.

External LinksEdit

Download Version 0.08 (〇・〇八) (Japanese)Edit

Developer's official site

Developer's Blog

Gameplay VideoEdit

Shadow, Imagination, Shade(Ver.014:39

Shadow, Imagination, Shade(Ver.0.08)プレイしてみた

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