Kamitsuki (かみつき)
Fanart of Kamitsuki (Source(?))

Kamitsuki (かみつき)(lit. Bite) Kami can mean either god, paper or hair as well, the most related ones here being "god" or "paper".


Unknown, presumably a teenager.








White long sleeved shirt with a black X-like symbol


Kamitsuki (かみつき) is the protagonist of the fangame Yume, Shosen Mousou (夢、所詮妄想)  by Henachoko. The gender of Kamitsuki is not been stated officially, but mostly be interpreted as a boy.

They lock themself in their room for unknown reasons and attempts to escape that reality by either reading or writing on the notebook on their desk. The world inside that notebook is filled with fantasy characters such as vampires, robots or angels, however it also has violent and dangerous worlds which seem to have some reality struck to them.


Like Madotsuki and many others, their eyes are always closed in-game with the exception of some animations like the black page one or the white page one where you can see their eyes as red. They have short messy hair similar to Sabitsuki's but black instead of white.

Kamitsuki wears a long sleeve white shirt with a black pattern on it, black pants and brown shoes. The shirt's design is most likely an X mark similar to the shape of the band-aid item, since that specific effect seems to be important in the plot, but could also just be following the trend of window-like symbols.


Right when you start the game, next to Kamitsuki's name their job description says "chuunibyou (中二病)" which is basically a summarized description of the behavior you usually see in little kids and teenagers where they pretend to know everything and act like outcasts on purpose.

By the time you collect all of the effects and then trigger an event, their job description changes to "utsubyou (うつ病)" which means depression, causes appearance of the dream world creepy.

Besides that, the world Kamitsuki sees also reflects a little on their personality. Some of the worlds and effects show their mental weakness and their confusion towards sexual behaviour and possibly women. Many worlds are also very child-like or playful, such as the Video Game World, Curry World or Dessert World.

The strongest emotion they seem to feel is rejection against their own family which can be seen in the map where their whole family is together yet most of the text in the ground says "I don't need them" and some even say "die".


Kamitsuki seemed to be close to their family at some point, but then turned against them. In one of their dreams a woman (possibly their mother) strokes their head when the band-aid effect is equipped. Kamitsuki could possibly mean that they still want to be mothered, or was mothered for most of their life.

Other Game Appearances and References

Name Image Description
DayDreamRef Kamitsuki
A lamp of Kamitsuki can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
DebrRef Kamitsuki
A sign in the Fangames Reference Railroad has Kamitsuki's signature shirt design.
One of the easels in the Fangames Reference Gallery has a painting with Kamitsuki's shirt design.
A capsule featuring Kamitsuki's shirt desing can be found at the Fangames Reference Room
HalluEff Kamitsuki
A doormat with Kamitsuki's shirt design can be found in the Apartment.
A floating card of Kamitsuki can be found in the Fangames Reference Spelling Room. Interact with it will show the word Bite on the screen above.
MeRef Kamitsuki
One of the paintings in the Fangames Reference Gallery has Kamitsuki's shirt design.
PhysRef Kamitsuki
A picture of Kamitsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Stairway.
PSRoseRef Kamitsuki
A locker with Kamitsuki's outfit pattern and a hint of their hair design can be found in the Fangames Reference Hallway.
RemeRef Kamitsuki
A picture of Kamitsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
Sick Mind
SickRef Kamitsuki
A doll of Kamitsuki can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
SomnRef Kamitsuki
Thomas has a sprite with Kamitsuki's hair and outfit colors.
A painting of Kamitsuki can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.
UbokRef Kamitsuki
A screen/painting of Kamitsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.
Yume 2kki
Kamitsuki's outfit can be found in Urotsuki's Dressing Room.
Yume Fumi
A diamond with Kamitsuki's shirt pattern can be seen in the Fangame Reference Room.
NumRef Kamitsuki
A box with Kamitsuki's outfit pattern can be found in the Fangame Reference Hallway.

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