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This is the main page for Kataribesou's walkthrough. If anything is missing, let us know/edit this page.

Note: This contains spoilers, so please, refrain from visiting this page unless you need to know how to defeat a boss/Money guide/ if you get lost.



  • Queen(クイーン)
  • Oyutari(オユタリ)
  • Kanrisha(カンリシャ)
  • Imerokioku(イメロキオク)
  • Minawamea(ミナワメーア/Minawamēa)
  • An'yaoguna(アンヤオグナ)
  • Sudamaou(スダマオウ)
  • Tsutsukura(ツツクラ)


  • Vu-adapter(ヴァダパート/Vadapāto/водопад)
  • Candle(キャンドル)
  • Hunter(狩人/Kariudo)
  • Seruru(セルル)
  • Kuroko(黒子)
  • Zafra(ザフラ)
  • Beiazeigeru(ベイアゼイゲル)
  • Hidden(ヒドゥン)
  • Hyudro(ヒュドール/Hyudōru)
  • Amabie(アマビエ)
  • Hungry(ハングリー)
  • Flowerhead(花かぶり/Hanakaburi)
  • Ruten Puppet(流転傀儡/Rutenkugutsu/Rutenkairai)
  • Fire Watcher(火の番/Hinoban)
  • Sukurachia(スクラチア)
  • Botekku(ボーテック/Bōtekku)

Other bosses

Weapons and BattleEdit

Best weapons

The Helpers

Skill list

Status effects

Symbol strengths and weaknesses


Money guide

Ending conditions and tips

Other tips and guides

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