Kizutsuki (きずつき)
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Fanart of Kizutsuki and her other personality. Source

Kizutsuki (きずつき) = Wounded; Kitsutsuki (きつつき) = Woodpecker


Unknown, it is implied that she is an elementary school student




Dark orange, usually brown in fanart


Unknown, usually brown or red in fanart


Dark pink sleeves with a pink tank top over it with a checkered pattern going through the middle.


Kizutsuki (きずつき; sometimes きづつき) is the protagonist of the game Double Dream (二重遊夢). She owns a second personality called Kitsutsuki (きつつき).


Kitsutsuki's sprite


Kizutsuki has dark orange hair that is kept in a side ponytail. She wears a long sleeved dark pink shirt with a light pink tank top over it. The tank top has a lighter pink checker pattern going through the middle. She has a dark pink skirt and brown shoes. Her other personality, has the same appearance, with the exception of the eyes. As of version 0.03, Kizutsuki's eyes are always shut, and Kitsutsuki's are always open.


Her ability to change into another "personality" may suggest she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder).


Kizutsuki's true past is unknown, but it is implied that she attended elementary school, as a clone of her in school uniform is seen inside of an enclosed classroom next to another classroom with three girls wearing the same uniform. Also, some of the locations hint that she attends an specifically an elementary school. These locations include: Childish doodles, toys and crayons, poor calligraphy in notes and notebooks and colorful stationery. Generally, this game's imagery sticks to naive and simple style, which usually portrays the world seen by a child.

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There is a whole location that implies that her other personality, Kitsutsuki (きつつき), killed two of those girls while the one with the pigtails escaped (she is the chaser of the game). In the same location there is a wake-up event in which Kizutsuki's dissected body is hung on a tree with a blindfold on her eyes, which makes it difficult to say which personality was "killed" in this event.

Other Game Appearances and ReferencesEdit

Name Image Description
DebrRef Kizutsuki
A sign in the Fangames Reference Railroad has Kizutsuki's signature shirt design.
MeRef Kitsutsuki
One of the paintings in the Fangames Reference Gallery has Kizutsuki's/Kitsutsuki's shirt design and the Shinigami effect.
PhysRef Kizutsuki
A picture of Kizutsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Stairway.
RemeRef Kizutsuki
A picture of Kizutsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.
SomnRef Kizutsuki
Thomas has a sprite with Kizutsuki/Kitsutsuki's hair and outfit colors.
A painting of Kizutsuki can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.
UbokRef Kizutsuki
A screen/painting of Kizutsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.

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