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Kristen Bastien
Kristen final artwork
2016 artwork of Kristen in 2001. (by Megie) Source
Kristen charas

A regular breton name who also mean "Messiah" in Greek, was also basically a masculine name in Scandinavia


17 ½ (2001)
13 (1997)




Gradient of blond


Reality: Turquoise
Dream: Mauve


A purple jacket with a black bowtie (2001)
A simple red cherry shirt (1997)

Overview Edit

Kristen is another major character for Einsamkeit. According to Megie, this is her personal favorite dreamer in the plot.

Appearance Edit

Kristen is actually the shortest character present in the plot who's originally from the real world (5'3 aka 163 cm). She has a hourglass bodytype, is quite busty and caucasian. Her hair is long with a full gradient of blond, she has turquoise eyes, some make-up. Kristen enjoys to be well-dressed, described to have a outfit similar to fancy feminine students : black bowtie, purple jacket and skirt, white long socks and ballerinas with the exact purple. Also, she has painted nails.

She was born the 25th January 1984 (estimated age in nowdays: 33), having her zodiac sign to be Aquarius. She's born mixed french-russian, which she can be mentioned to have a slight east-european accent.

Personnality Edit

She usually acts very cold and quite distant with everyone, for reason about "staying secure of strangers", despite she can start some subjects with people. Kristen might also reveal a huge tendancy to be laxist about almost anything.

Her virtue is Humility, portrayed as a Mauve diamond.

Past Edit

Kristen was apparently a dreamer in the past, attempting to talking about it with her seems very difficult, like if it's taboo.

Relationship Edit

Harold Edit

She never felt hate in front of him, even partially, but Kristen always got the preference to stay away from him, except when need to ask something.

Sam Edit

Even if he usually pay attention to her, Kristen always avoid it, she can even being quite rude unlike with Harold. Like with Harold, Kristen never admitted to have a real hate in front of Sam.

Family Edit

Kristen lives currently with her mother, Christine Bastien, known to be a rich family in the city. The daughter's birth was basically a mistake, because Christine becames mother in a very young age. However, Kristen got a great education, which their relationship are extremely close, even considering acting as sisters. Source

Trivia Edit

The character Edit

  • As Dokutsuki, a younger version of the character has been revealed.
  • Megie has revealed that Kristen has possibly PTSD and wish to have her aesthetics. Source

The symbols Edit


A purple diamond in real life, close of Kristen's.

The diamond Edit

  • Purple diamonds are usually linked to feminity.
  • As Kristen being half-russian: Russia is a place where purple diamonds can be found.
  • The color is caused by hydrogen.
    Young kristen

    Kristen in 1997, in her first year of being a Dreamer.

The colour Edit

  • Mauve is seen to be very sweet, wise and serious.
  • In some cultures, purple can be symbolic of fear, melancholia and mourning, as White and Black.

The virtue Edit

  • Humility can be described to have consentment to not be a perfect person, admitting to do mistakes, and assuming its faults.
  • The Sin who is opposite of Humility is Pride.

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